Becky’s Two Hundred and Sixty-Sixth Book Review: “The Key to Rebecca” by Ken Follett

I’m going to be honest… the main reason I picked up “The Key to Rebecca” by Ken Follett was because my name was in the title. Now granted, Ken Follett is one of my go-to authors as well, so that really sealed the deal with purchasing the book, but it was my name that caught my eye in the first place. I had no idea what the book was about, and lately that is how I prefer to go into reading a new book. I quickly learned that “The Key to Rebecca” takes place in Egypt during WWII and one of the main characters is a German spy intent on stealing British war strategies.

This was a whole different side of WWII that I had never really read about. A lot of the books that I have read which take place during WWII involve the victimization of Jews in concentration camps, the destruction of families and homes, and the general collateral damage that occurs during any war. It was a whole different experience reading about two men on opposite sides working behind the scenes in an attempt to bring victory to their country. I found the style in which Ken Follett wrote this to be very intriguing. Being given the perspective of both the German spy Wolff, and the British officer Vandam made for a great contrast. From Wolff’s point of view, he was trying to do what he could to set Egypt free from the British occupancy. I thought it was really interesting to learn his motivations and at times, I found myself cheering him on even though he was the antagonist. This is one of Ken Follett’s gifts with his writing; he is able to develop his characters so well that even the bad guy’s actions are relatable.

Would I recommend this book? Absolutely, Ken Follett is a fantastically talented author and I have yet to be disappointed by his work. This is a stand-alone novel and would be a great recommendation for those that are already in love with his writing as well as a good sample for someone that hasn’t read him before. I love historical fiction and I think Ken Follett is an absolute genius. I cannot wait to read more of his novels.