Becky’s One Hundred and Thirty-Sixth Book Review: “The Heist” by Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg

I’ll admit it. I thought Janet Evanovich was losing her touch. The Stephanie Plum novels, while still entertaining, are just pretty much formula now. I think she ought to retire the character at book 25 for a nice round finish. That being said, I was a bit skeptical about her new series featuring Kate O’Hare, FBI agent and Nick Fox, elusive criminal. It’s been sitting by the couch pretty much since I got it and finally I decided to pick it up.

A very short time later, I had devoured the entire book. It was SO good! First of all, Kate O’Hare is a strong, smart, problem-solving kind of individual. She doesn’t hide her gun in the cookie jar. She wields it as it meant to be and she doesn’t back down. She also is not the type of character that needs rescuing every five minutes. Sorry Stephanie, but it gets old fast – grow a backbone and get yourself out of these messes yourself!

The premise for “The Heist” is Kate O’Hare finally captures her unicorn – Nick Fox. Then she finds out that he has escaped and with some help. She soon discovers how and why and finds herself unhappily teamed up with Nick with the plan to take down a bad guy. While she never forgets that he is a bad guy, she still finds herself taking precautions despite the fact that Nick knows her weaknesses. “He was luring her into a stupefied complacency with chocolate. The pan was pure evil.” (The Heist, pg 99).

While Nick and Kate are fun characters, there are some really great supporting characters. My favorite was her dad, Jake. He is former Special Forces (I believe) and knows how to kill a man sixteen different ways with a pair of tweezers. Now he lives in the garage at Kate’s sister’s house. “I’m still fighting wars. We’ve got a real problem here with morning glories invading the common areas. I’m leading the landscaping committee’s offensive to repel the invasion.” (The Heist, pg 51). Like I said, a real fun character.

The book is a page-turner for sure. It still has that fun amount of humor in it – something that I always enjoy in my books. If you can’t tell already, I would definitely recommend this book. I cannot wait to get my hands on the next one. That is the truly fun part about starting a series a little late, the next book is usually already out. Kate is a really fun character and her chemistry with Nick Fox makes for some really entertaining situations. I am really looking forward to reading more of their adventures.