Becky’s Two Hundred and Thirty-Second Book Review: “Shopaholic to the Rescue” by Sophie Kinsella

“Shopaholic to the Rescue” by Sophie Kinsella was amazing. I have always been a fan of Sophie Kinsella and I can relate so well to the main character in the shopaholic series – Becky Brandon nèe Bloomwood. I have to say, I think Kinsella outdid herself; I enjoyed this book so much.

SPOILER ALERT – Don’t read further if you haven’t read the previous Shopaholic books! (Unless of course you don’t care about spoilers.)

“Shopaholic to the Rescue” picks up right where “Shopaholic to the Stars” left off. Becky, Luke, Suze, Becky’s mom, Janice, Alicia-bitch-longlegs, and Minnie are in an RV on a mission to find Becky’s dad and Suze’s husband. The group believes that Tarquin (Suze’s husband) was brainwashed by Bryce and they don’t know what is going on with Becky’s dad beyond a mysterious message saying he had to put something right. Despite the serious situation that everyone believed themselves to be in, I was giggling into my book by page two. I love the way that Kinsella writes these novels. She breaks the narration up with letters and emails that add to the story in such a unique way. I was very pleased to see the return of her old bank manager in these email communications.

I love Becky, but I think that Minnie has become my favorite character in the Shopaholic books. She is just hilarious. I think that Sophie Kinsella has a real talent for capturing the behaviors of a two-year-old, and it is safe to say that Minnie is not your average child. “She doesn’t yell “Miiiiiiiine” anymore, which used to be her catchphrase. Instead, she says, “I like it.” We’ll walk around the supermarket and all she keeps saying is, “I like it, I like it, Mummy,” more and more earnestly, as thought she’s trying to convert me to some new religion.” (Shopaholic to the Rescue, pg 81). Every interaction with Minnie was cracking me up. I think that having a child has really matured the main character and made for a whole new level to the Shopaholic saga.

Would I recommend this book? Absolutely!! I love the Shopaholic series and I think that the further into the series that we get, the better Sophie Kinsella’s writing gets. I was impressed with the diversity in her writing that I saw in “Shopaholic to the Rescue” and although I was a little angry that “Shopaholic to the Stars” was a bit of a cliffhanger rather than ending in a nice bow like the other Shopaholic books, this was an amazing second part. This latest book was probably the most well-written Becky Bloomwood book. I cannot wait to read the next book and I hope Sophie Kinsella keeps them coming.


Becky’s One Hundred and Eighty-Second Book Review: “Shopaholic to the Stars” by Sophie Kinsella

“Shopaholic to the Stars” by Sophie Kinsella is the latest in the Shopaholic series featuring the infamous Becky Brandon née Bloomwood. I was extremely excited when this book came out and couldn’t wait to start it. But I ended up putting off starting the book because I wanted to wait until I had time to devour the whole book in one sitting. After having the book in my possession for weeks I finally broke down and dove back into Becky’s world.

The premise for “Shopaholic to the Stars” involves Luke, Becky, and Minnie moving to L.A. for a few months so Luke can expand Brandon Communications to cater to celebrities. Becky takes quickly to the L.A. scene and soon finds herself shopping for exercise outfits and of course hilarity ensues when she finds herself stuck in an outfit. Instead of taking it back off, she decides to wear it home. “As soon as I get back to the hotel room, I’ll cut the whole thing off myself with a pair of nail scissors and dispose of the remains in a public bin so Luke doesn’t find them and say What’s this? or You mean you bought it even though you knew it didn’t fit? or something else really annoying.” (Shopaholic to the Stars, pg 9). I thought this was very typical Becky-behavior. Her interactions with Luke are one of the most ridiculous parts of the Shopaholic series. Becky’s imagination frequently runs away from her and she tends to get frustrated when Luke inevitably reels her back into reality. “This is typical. Luke always lets practical plans get in the way of creative inspiration.” (Shopaholic to the Stars, pg 57).

As a wife Becky is pretty ridiculous, but as a mother…she’s something else. Minnie has proven that she has a strong personality in the previous book in the series “Mini Shopaholic” and she continues to exhibit hilarious behavior. “For a long time, my daughter’s favorite word was “mine.” Now, after intensive training, we’ve got her on to the word “please.” Which you’d think would be an improvement.
I swivel around wildly and finally spot Minnie. She’s balanced on a stone bench, tussling with Suze’s son Wilfrid over a red plastic truck.
“Pleeease!” she’s yelling crossly. “Pleeease!” Now, to my horror, she starts hitting Wilfrid with the truck, yelling with each blow: “Please! Please! Please!”
The trouble is, Minnie hasn’t really absorbed the spirit of the word “please.”” (Shopaholic to the Stars, pg 78). I loved this; Minnie is such a funny character.

Becky’s interactions in L.A. are intriguing. Because of what Luke is trying to accomplish, Becky finds herself in a position where she is able to meet celebrities and attend red carpet events. Suze and Tarquin come out to the West Coast to visit with Becky and Luke and end up tagging along for some of these events. It was pretty ridiculous reading about Tarquin meeting and chatting with some of the Hollywood personalities. “Luke has been bursting into laughter a lot – especially when some studio executive asked Tarkie what was his view of the American Pie franchise and Tarkie said, gosh, he wasn’t sure – was it similar to Starbucks?” (Shopaholic to the Stars, pg 206). In “Shopaholic to the Stars” a lot was happening including Becky’s old rival Alicia Bitch Long-Legs comes back into the picture. Although there is a lot that happened, especially in the second half of the book, I don’t want to give away the whole book. I will say that one things built upon the other and it made for a very exciting second half.

Would I recommend this book? Yes, although I was disappointed with the fact that things were not wrapped up as neatly as the previous Shopaholic books have been. I always enjoy reading about the many adventures of Becky Brandon née Bloomwood and I usually find myself laughing aloud throughout the book. That wasn’t the case right away with “Shopaholic to the Stars”. There were some moments that I thought were funny, but I didn’t find myself laughing aloud the same way that I have in the past. I’m still very much looking forward to the next book in the series, especially because I cannot wait to see what happens! Sophie Kinsella has assured me that she is working on the next book, so hopefully it will be out soon.