Becky’s Two Hundred and Seventy-Fourth Book Review: “The Runaway Princess” by Hester Browne

“The Runaway Princess” by Hester Browne was a really fun read that kept a smile on my face for most of the book. Sometimes a lighthearted read is just what the doctor ordered after reading too many edge of your seat thrillers. My other reading experience with Hester Browne was The Little Lady Agency series. Books that I highly enjoyed, but overall felt a little frustrated with, not to mention slightly disgusted at the behavior of the main character’s family. I was hoping that “The Runaway Princess” would stand alone as a separate book and not follow a formula that so many authors seem to fall into these days. I was pleased that this book did not go in the direction I was expecting and that the main character’s parents were good people.

Amy Wilde was a fun main character that I felt myself relating to quite a bit. More of an introvert than her roommate, Amy is way outside her comfort zone at the heaven/hell party Jo throws at their London flat. After promising to not spend the whole party hiding in the kitchen, Amy reluctantly finds herself in the midst of the festivity being chatted up by a mysterious stranger. “I guessed this was how a rabbit felt, shortly before being swallowed whole by a boa constrictor, scared but oddly flattered at the same time.” (The Runaway Princess, pg 27) I liked this quote because it made me laugh and it gives a good sense of who Amy is; she’s the kind of girl that doesn’t expect to be the focus of a sexy stranger’s attention. This sexy stranger turns out to be Rolf – a prince that has sort of dated Jo. What Amy doesn’t realize at the time is that the guy who talked Rolf down and got him to behave (sort of) was Rolf’s brother, Leo who is also a prince. And thus, we move into the love story.

Would I recommend this book? Yes, it was a fun read. It isn’t one that is going to really stimulate your intellect, but it is nice to sometimes allow yourself to get lost in a junk food read and that is exactly what “The Runaway Princess” delivered. I’m glad that Hester Browne’s stand alone novel was a fun read and I will definitely continue to read her books!


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