Becky’s Two Hundred and Seventy-Third Book Review: “Nothing to Lose” by Lee Child

“Nothing to Lose” by Lee Child is the twelfth book in the Jack Reacher series. Reading through the series, I have come to know and love the character Jack Reacher. He lives life by his own code and he doesn’t get caught up in unimportant matters such as possessions or, from his perspective, relationships. He just is enjoying living a solitary life outside the military. Reacher is the kind of guy that stands up where he sees injustice. He will fight for the little guy. He’s always ready to help out a damsel in distress. And almost always, I find myself cheering him on for his behavior and his honest outlook on life. In “Nothing to Lose” I found myself in unknown territory. Instead of cheering for Reacher, I found myself judging him harshly. He wasn’t getting involved because of some grave injustice where someone smaller was unable to stand up for themselves – this time Reacher was causing trouble because he felt personally insulted. He didn’t like getting kicked out of a town. “He liked to press on, dead ahead, whatever. Everyone’s life needed an organizing principle, and relentless forward motion was Reacher’s.” (Nothing to Lose, pg 7). This was a situation where Reacher’s own stubbornness was the cause of his troubles. And boy, does Reacher like to get into trouble.

Despite my personal frustrations with Reacher and his behavior in “Nothing to Lose” I really liked the fact that Lee Child wrote this book. It was a different twist to have Reacher appear as the guy making trouble from the start. Causing problems in a town that never did anything to him except ask him to leave. On his quest for personal justice, he does stumble upon his standard heroic default – but that was unclear to the reader for the majority of the book. And that was a nice change.

Would I recommend this book? Absolutely. I cannot emphasize enough how amazing this book series is and I really enjoyed that Lee Child wrote “Nothing to Lose” where Reacher was painted in a different light. It is amazing that twelve books into a series, the author continues to surprise and capture readers. I am eager to read the next book and see what Reacher will be up to next.


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