Becky’s Two Hundred and Seventy-Second Book Review: “The Verdict” by Nick Stone

“The Verdict” by Nick Stone was the kind of book that completely sucked you in from the very start. I haven’t really read any legal thrillers, but when I saw the book tagged that way I thought why not? I am glad that I took a chance and have since stocked my to-be-read list with other legal thrillers. A whole new sub-genre has been opened up to me thanks to Nick Stone’s writing.

At the beginning of “The Verdict” we meet Vernon James. He is a self-made millionaire accepting an “ethical person of the year” award right before he tries to pick up a tall blonde woman to take up to his hotel room after he tells her has an open marriage. One thing leads to another and the night ends up not going as Vernon had planned. The next thing we know, Vernon has been arrested for murder. Then we meet Terry, a struggling legal clerk that seemingly has just been given his big break with the chance to be a part of the team defending Vernon James. That is until we learn that Terry and Vernon have a very colorful history. “Of course it was a shock to anyone who found out a close friend or good neighbour or amiable work colleague was really a serial killer or rapist or some other kind of monster? All we know of other people is what we see reflected of ourselves. Beyond that they’re strangers.” (The Verdict, pg 27). I really liked this quote because it is a good point – we don’t know what goes on in the mind of those around us. There were several times when reading “The Verdict” where Stone’s writing made me pause because I liked the way that he spelled out something.

I liked that the main character Terry wasn’t a clean-cut ‘good guy’. He had demons that he constantly had to curb. I thought Nick Stone did a great job portraying the balancing act that someone would have to go through when the person that knows their darkest secrets is suddenly on trial for murder and working directly with their bosses. His moral compass was also slightly askew, but that just made Terry all the more interesting.

Would I recommend this book? Absolutely, it was such an entertaining read. Nick Stone’s writing was excellent – he successfully pulled me into the drama surrounding Vernon and Terry. I thought his characters were well developed and I liked how there were little twists and turns throughout the novel. I think anyone with a mild interest in thrillers would love this book. If you’re the kind of reader that loves an edge-of-your-seat read, then you need to pick up “The Verdict” by Nick Stone.


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