Becky’s Two Hundred and Sixty-Eighth Book Review: “Bad Luck and Trouble” by Lee Child

What would you do if an old friend put out a call for help? For Jack Reacher in “Bad Luck and Trouble” by Lee Child, there was no question. He saw the coded call for backup and made his way to one of the members of his old unit. When he reaches her, she informes Reacher that she has not been able to get a response from the rest of the team. Then a body turns up and just like that Reacher and his team go into full investigative mode. “Together they had handled two years’ worth of crimes, some of them gruesome, some of them merely venal, some of them cruel, some of them appalling, and they had joked their way through like cops everywhere. Black humor. The universal refuge… No one was laughing now. It was different when it was your own.” (Bad Luck and Trouble, pg 153).

In the previous Jack Reacher novels, whatever injustice that he finds himself in the middle of, more often than not, he is fighting for someone else. The helpless woman, the friend of a friend, his dead brother’s girlfriend – rarely does Reacher find himself in the position to dish out justice on his own behalf. That was exactly what we got in “Bad Luck and Trouble”. This is the eleventh book in the Jack Reacher series and his cold determination and passion for vengeance is intimidating.

Would I recommend this book? Hell yes, the Jack Reacher series all together is amazing thus far, but the depth of Jack Reacher as a character continues to grow the further into the series that we get. Reading about Reacher when things get personal – that was intense and made for an edge-of-your-seat read. I cannot wait to pick up the next book and learn where Lee Child is going to take Reacher next. If you’re not reading this series, you should be.


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