Becky’s Two Hundred and Forty-Third Book Review: “Crazy Love” by Emma Keene

“Crazy Love” by Emma Keene was one of the worst books that I have ever read. You know how when you see a car accident that you can’t help but watch as you drive by? There is just an innate curiosity and you find yourself fixated on something that you really shouldn’t? That’s why I kept reading this book.

First of all, when you’re writing a book getting the words out on paper is an important part of the process. Another VERY important part is to have someone else read those words and help you edit out mistakes. If anyone was wondering, there’s = there is. So when you’re talking about multiple things, you should use there’re. Because you wouldn’t say there is ten tables. You would say there are ten tables. Basic grammatical rules – if you don’t know them, you need to have someone who does know them read your work before you publish. That’s just a stupid mistake and it was made over and over again in “Crazy Love”.

But for a really good story, I can overlook those things. The difference being that “Crazy Love” was not a really good story. What makes a really good story? Well to start, you need characters. When you are writing a novel, your characters are the most important part of your story. If no one likes your characters, you’d be hard pressed to find someone that likes the book. People like characters that they can relate to or that they will love to hate or that remind them of someone in their life. So to make a solid character, you need to develop them. This is where Emma Keene failed epically. Her characters were barely one-dimensional. It almost seemed like after writing the first few chapters, Keene decided to go a completely different direction with the book but didn’t want to bother changing the characters to reflect that. For example, in the beginning of the book Amy’s parents appear to be on the rocks with each other, but good parents overall. Then all of a sudden, her mom leaves her dad and her to move to Hollywood with a guy she met. So now Amy’s dad is depressed all the time. Then without any provocation, her dad is suddenly drunk in the hall trying to break into her room, becoming physically violent when he never has been before. I felt like this was something that Keene threw in there for a shock value. She didn’t take the time to build up to anything, it was just all of a sudden Amy’s dad tries to break down her door and do God knows what. Same with her boyfriend. They were on great terms and she calls him after her dad’s scary behavior and he leaves football camp to come get her, arranges for her to stay at his parents house if she wants, and then ultimately helps her pack her bags and move in with him for a few days. Then suddenly, he dumps her and that’s the last you hear from him. It was like instead of having anything naturally occur between her characters, she forced the story along with shock value hoping that no one would notice.

Would I recommend this book? Maybe as an example to aspiring writers on what not to do, but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone looking for a good book to read. It was awful. I would never pick up anything by this author again. This was one of those situations where the free ebook was totally not worth it. Never again.


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