Becky’s Two Hundred and Twenty-Fifth Book Review: “A Little Something Different” by Sandy Hall

“A Little Something Different” by Sandy Hall was a really fun read. By the seventh page I knew that this was a book I would connect with. “When I finish taking roll, I jump back into my spiel. “I’ve got a theory,” I say. / “That it’s a demon,” Lea says, so quietly I almost miss it, and I probably would have, but she slaps a surprised hand in front of her mouth. I see Gabe turn to her and smile. / “A dancing demon?” he says quietly. / And then in my finest Rupert Giles impression of all time I say, “No, something isn’t right there.” / No one else seems to get the joke, but it’s in that moment that I know my couple of the semester is going to be Gabe and Lea.” (A Little Something Different, pg 7). When I read this passage, I instantly knew that I would get along with the author. I am a huge Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan, and that quote was a reference to season 6, the episode called “Once More With Feeling,” which is an amazing episode. Throughout “A Little Something Different” I really enjoyed myself. It lived up to its title, it really was different.

“A Little Something Different” is a love story told from many different perspectives. When I learned about this book, I assumed that there would be several different people telling the story, and while that was true, there was also a park bench and a squirrel that chimed in during this tale. I really liked the idea behind this, sometimes you think about how animals would think or react to certain situations, so having a squirrel as one of the narrators wasn’t a huge stretch. The fact that there was also a park bench that narrated parts of “A Little Something Different,” well, that took the book to a whole new level of crazy. This was certainly not the most sophisticated writing, but it was entertaining.

One thing that I didn’t love about this book was the fact that someone did not do a good job copyediting it. There is one part in the book (page 88) where the word that was supposed to be used was ‘why’ and instead the word ‘way’ was used. That made me pretty angry. Whoever copyedited this book should be fired. But that was really the only issue I took with this book. It was entertaining and I think, especially considering how many different narrators there were, that Sandy Hall did a good job developing the characters as much as she did. I found myself cheering for Gabe and Lea as the book progressed.

Would I recommend this book? Yes, it was a really fun read and I think almost anyone looking for a light read would enjoy it. “A Little Something Different” could probably be put in the young adult genre; it was fun and light. It is a book that would be more likely to appeal to a female audience, but I think the quirkiness throughout the novel could make it interesting for anyone. I fully intend to read any more books that Sandy Hall decides to write.


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