Becky’s Two Hundred and Eighteenth Book Review: “Money” by Martin Amis

“Money” by Martin Amis was a Wall Street Journal book club pick months ago. I have renewed this book from the library thirteen times. You are able to renew a book online ten times. Once I called and renewed it over the phone because I was at the limit for renewing it online. Then I physically went to the library to return and immediately checkout the book. And I also renewed it online again. Why do I keep renewing this book? Well, I don’t like to give up on books. Even if I’m not enjoying them, even if I’ve been trying to get through the book for months, even if everyone who knows me has encouraged me to give up on the book, I will still push through. But there are so many books out there, so many books in my personal collection that I haven’t read, and so many books on my amazon wish list… I have finally concluded that I don’t need to force myself to finish a book that I’ve been working on for almost a year. It’s just an unpleasant reading experience and there is no reason to put myself through that.

This book follows John Self – a director making his first movie in New York City and spending all of his time in self-destruct-mode. He is out late drinking, partying, doing drugs, having sex with anything that moves, etc. It is just a run-on prose following this guy, which I found completely uninteresting. “Money” is supposed to be a suicide note. I’m not sure if he kills himself in the end, because I did not finish the novel. Halfway through the novel, which is as far as I made it, he has certainly tried his best to kill himself through his behaviors and poor life decisions. But he was not a character that I cared about at all.

Would I recommend this book? Absolutely not! When I can’t make it through a book that is saying something. The novel is about 350 pages and I couldn’t bring myself to read the last hundred pages. It’s just so bad and I couldn’t care less about any of the characters. I don’t understand why this book was picked for the Wall Street Journal book club, I found nothing appealing or insightful about this book. The author that picked this for the WSJ book club is Carl Hiaasen and after trying so hard to read “Money” I have no intention of every picking up one of his works either. The entire experience left a bad taste in my mouth. That is the tossup when you follow a book club – sometimes the selections are not good. That was certainly the case with “Money” by Martin Amis.

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