Becky’s One Hundred and Ninety-Third Book Review: “Die Trying” by Lee Child

“Die Trying” by Lee Child is the second book in the Jack Reacher series. I have to be careful when reading these books. It is very easy to neglect everything around you when you start a Jack Reacher novel. That’s part of what makes these book so dangerous. They’re so good and intense that it is hard to concentrate on anything else until you’ve devoured the entirety of the novel.

At the beginning of “Die Trying” Jack Reacher finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time He is accidentally kidnapped along with Holly – the intended target. The kidnappers do not realize that they’ve gotten the wrong guy involved with their scheme. At first Holly wants to protect Reacher but she soon realizes that he can handle himself. “She knew the Army. She knew the soldiers. She knew the types and she knew Reacher was one. To her practical eye, he looked like one. Acted like one. Reacted like one. It was possible a doorman could pick locks and climb walls like an ape, but if a doorman did go ahead and do that, he would do it with an air of unfamiliarity and daring and breathlessness which would be quite distinctive. He wouldn’t do it like it came as naturally as blinking. Reacher was a quiet, contained man, relaxed, fit, clearly trained to the point of some kind of superhuman calm.” (Die Trying, pg 62). I thought Holly’s observations about Reacher were spot on. He really has some qualities that verge on the side of superhuman. That is part of what makes him so badass.

Reacher’s attitude is impressive. At one point he is trapped and has to get creative in order to escape. Then he finds himself in a similar situation and is determined to suppress the fear he felt the first time he was stuck. “He had learned a long time ago that some things were worth being afraid of. And some things were not. Things that he had done before and survived did not justify fear. To be afraid of a survivable thing was irrational. And whatever else he was, Reacher knew he was a rational man.” (Die Trying, pg 404)

Would I recommend this book? Absolutely, it was such an entertaining read and I’m really looking forward to the next book. I think the only downside of these books is the fact that it is extremely difficult to do anything else when reading one. “Die Trying” was very difficult to put down. I wouldn’t suggest anyone try to read it when they are trying to be productive.


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