Becky’s One Hundred and Eighty-Fourth Book Review: “The Girl in the Converse Shoes” by Yaritza Garcia

“The Girl in the Converse Shoes” by Yaritza Garcia is a short story that I got for free. Although I used to avoid short stories at all costs, I’ve come to realize that they can be a great way to get a taste of an author without investing a ton of time and/or money in them. To be honest, the reason I picked this story is because the cover has pink converse shoes on it with a background of pink. It’s my favorite color and sometimes I really do judge a book by its cover. (I know it’s wrong but I do it anyway).

Earlier I finished the other book that I was reading on iBooks, so I opened this up knowing it was a short story. I didn’t realize just how short this would be. This short story was ten pages; ten pages on my iPhone. I finished this short story in about five minutes. To be fair, it does state on the title page ‘A Flash Fiction Story’ after the title. I have never heard of such a thing, but short stories are already short enough, we don’t need an abridged short story.

I’m not quite sure how to talk about ten pages without giving away the plot, but I will do my best. The main character Miles finds himself at a party that he didn’t want to go to because his friends dragged him there. At the party, his friends soon go off and leave him alone. Miles is made fun of for not being in costume as he is attending a Halloween party. Eventually he works his way outside, takes off his glasses to clean them, and a girl comes up and kisses him. Miles is apparently very blind and he doesn’t see whom it was that kissed him except for the fact that she had long blonde hair and pink converse shoes. The rest of the story is dedicated to him searching all the girls at school to find out which one is wearing pink converse.

It was a cute story, almost Cinderella-esc with the shoes, but it was FAR too short. There was zero character development. There are two characters with names, one of which is the main character. We never learn the two friends names or any of the people that tease Miles. It just fell short in so many ways.

Would I recommend this book? Absolutely not; even for a short story it was far too short. There was zero character development and the only reason I was able to stay interested long enough to finish the book was because it was ten pages on my iPhone. The tiny taste I got of the author’s writing made me feel bad that they even put this book out there. There was potential there, but the ten page story did not display anything worthwhile and I will not be picking up another work by this author.

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