Becky’s One Hundred and Sixty-Seventh Book Review: “Shopaholic Ties the Knot” by Sophie Kinsella

“Shopaholic Ties the Knot” by Sophie Kinsella is the third book in the Shopaholic Series. I have read this book several times. When I read this book this time, I found myself enjoying it on a different level. Maybe that is because I am so excited to read the new shopaholic book that is coming out. Maybe that is because I am finally one of those people happily reading about engagements and marriage without feeling stonily jealous about the impending marriage I am reading about. It’s probably one of those reasons. Let me adjust my sparkly engagement ring as I write the rest of my review.


When we left off with Becky at the end of the second book, she had decided to take her career in a new direction by becoming a personal shopper at Barney’s in New York City. Luke Brandon and she had renewed their relationship and were planning on living together in an apartment in New York City. Living together is a new challenge for both Becky and Luke.

Part of what makes Becky Bloomwood so entertaining is the way that she daydreams. She goes off on a tangent where she pictures the future and it is amazing. This quote is a great example of Becky going off in a crazy direction while she is out shopping and picturing what her life will be like with the addition of this very important piece of furniture. “Just think, if we had one of these in the apartment it would change our lives. Every night Luke and I would mix martinis, and dance to old-fashioned songs, and watch the sun go down. It’d be so atmospheric! We’d have to buy one of those old-fashioned record players with the big horns, and start collecting 78s, and I’d start wearing gorgeous vintage tea dresses.” (Shopaholic Ties the Knot, pg 8). I love this. Becky Bloomwood is known for her ability to get lost in her daydreams and this quote really helps illustrate that.

It is obvious that Becky Bloomwood is getting married by the title of the book. What the title doesn’t tell you is how many weddings that Becky is having. The main problem that she finds herself dealing with in this book is having two weddings being simultaneously planned in both New York City and in London. Although I frequently find myself relating to Becky, I have to say that this is a problem unique to her. She is constantly trying to make the decision and I thought that this quote helped emulate how Becky behaves when she has a problem. She just sticks her head in the sand whenever possible. It does get a bit difficult to empathize with Becky in this situation.
“I bury my head in my hands. It isn’t any easier on paper.
In fact, it’s harder, because it’s thrusting the dilemma right in my face, instead of where I want it – which is in a little box at the back of my mind where I don’t have to look at it.” (Shopaholic Ties the Knot, pg 121). That is exactly how Becky behaves throughout the series. She has a problem, and instead of dealing with it as an adult, she finds ways to hide from her problems. This does result in hilarity, but at the same time her irresponsibility makes me a little frustrated as I read it. I would love to have the problems that she has. That being said, I couldn’t help enjoying the ride.

Becky’s plans for getting out of trouble are pretty entertaining in themselves. There is a part in the book when Becky is about to talk to Luke about the problems they are having with the wedding, mainly the fact that two are being planned simultaneously. Always one to prepare, these are the thoughts Becky has before meeting up with Luke. “So I’ve written out a speech, a bit like the State of the Union address and I’ve memorized it word for word, with gaps for interjections from Luke. (Or applause. Thought that’s a bit unlikely.) As long as I stick to my text, and no one brings up the question of Ugandan policy, then we should be all right.” (Shopaholic Ties the Knot, pg 241). I just thought this was so funny.

Would I recommend this book? Yes I would, I am a big fan of the shopaholic series and “Shopaholic Ties the Knot” is no exception. The series is a lot of fun. Reading about Becky trying to figure out what she is going to do for her wedding is ridiculous. The best part of this series is the fact that I find myself laughing aloud at Becky’s adventures. This book makes me giggle in public and that is the mark of a good comedic adventure.


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