Becky’s One Hundred and Fifty-Eighth Book Review: “Waking Kate” by Sarah Addison Allen

“Waking Kate” by Sarah Addison Allen is a short story that I got for free from BookShout. I really like the fact that a lot of authors are making short stories available for free, it gives you a taste of the author’s writing and allows you to decide if you want more without spending the initial money. You can find out if you like an author with a shorter time commitment as well.

I really enjoyed “Waking Kate”, especially for a short story. I think Sarah Addison Allen has a real gift for writing, which shone throughout the story. I found a lot of what she wrote to be relatable as well. This quote I really enjoyed when Kate is sharing her opinion on the television. “She thought it generated a buzz that made the hot air in the house seem hotter somehow. More crowded. Matt thought she was crazy, but it was true. Everything had a presence. Even small things. Even things you took for granted.” (Waking Kate, pg 1)

“Waking Kate” is about a housewife, Kate. Her daughter is away for the weekend and Kate is trying to put together a romantic meal for her and her husband Matt to share. As she goes through the motions, putting in the effort to make a really nice meal for her and her husband, it is clear that she is unhappy. “She wasn’t sure exactly when it happened, when she had realized that she could only make one of them happy. She only knew that she had chosen him.” (Waking Kate, pg 2). I found this sentence to be so sad. I can relate to it as well. I always find myself putting others happiness first, especially my significant other. It is something that I have always done. I just hope I never get to a point where I stop being happy because of it. It can be a difficult thing to keep a balance in your life when you have a personality like that.

Since it is a short story, I do not want to go much further into the plot because that will give it all away. But I will say that Kate meets someone who gives her some advice and tells her a story. It helps Kate see things differently. “Some people simply have the ability to make it seem like they need you. All they really want is the attention.” (Waking Kate, pg 16) How true this can be. I have had many people come into my life that I believed were my friend until I realized they just wanted people around them. My friendship was a collectable to them. It’s a tough lesson to learn.

Sarah Addison Allen’s writing reminded me of Alice Hoffman. It’s beautiful and truthful. I couldn’t help from devouring it despite the fact that I like to savor writing when I find it this good. I really enjoyed this quote as well, “She felt disoriented, the way sleep that crosses from daylight to darkness always seems to confuse you, making you wonder what time it is, what day, what year.” (Waking Kate, pg 17)

Would I recommend this short story? Yes, I believe a lot of people would be able to connect with it as I did. It opens your eyes up a little; helps remind you what is important in relationships. I loved Sarah Addison Allen’s writing and was very pleased to find out there is more of it out there. I am looking forward to reading her novels and already have one ordered!


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