Becky’s One Hundred and Thirty-Eight Book Review: “Darkest Hour” by V.C. Andrews



“Darkest Hour” by V.C. Andrews is the fifth and final book in the Cutler family series. As per V.C. Andrews protocol, this book goes back to the beginning – where the curse began! To be honest, I almost didn’t read this book because of my disappointment with the rest of the series. But I don’t like to leave things undone, so I read it anyway.

“Darkest Hour” is the prequel to “Dawn” and it follow’s Dawn’s grandmother Lillian. The majority of the book takes place on the Meadows, the plantation that Lillian grew up on. We learn that Dawn, whose actual name was Eugenia, was in fact named after Grandmother Cutler’s favorite sister. Lillian has two sisters, the other one is Emily and she is a terrible person. Throughout their interactions, Emily tries her very hardest to convince Lillian that she is cursed and evil. Emily breaks the news to her that Lillian is not actually her sister. When Lillian goes crying to her mother, she finds out that she is actually her aunt and that her actual mother died while giving birth to her. Emily continues to torture Lillian every chance she gets.

Lillian’s childhood is full of trauma. After discovering that she is not sisters with Emily and Eugenia and that her parents are both dead Lillian still tries to make the best of things. This is not easy when it comes to dealing with Emily, but Eugenia is a ray of sunshine in her life that seems to be full of darkness. Her favorite sister, Eugenia is suffering from cystic fibrosis and eventually catches smallpox and dies as a complication. I don’t want to give too much away because I guess there is the off chance that someone may want to pick up this book and read it themselves. I was not at all surprised when Lillian is raped by the man she believed was her father but is actually her uncle by marriage. So I guess that makes it a little less icky? Either way, it was extremely predicable because that is just what V.C. Andrews books are about.

Would I recommend this book? Absolutely not, the book was not an enjoyable read, it’s one of those books that you finish reading and want to contact the author and complain about the waste of time it was reading their book. This couldn’t happen because V.C. Andrews has been dead for many years and actually is not the one who wrote this series. I’m really not sure how that works, but there you have it. The book was not great; the series was overly predictable and full of incest as usual. Makes you wonder about V.C. Andrew’s childhood. Either way, I don’t believe the series is worth reading, even if you’re really bored. There are a lot of good books out there actually worth reading. I’m in the middle of a few now. 


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