Becky’s One Hundred and Thirty-Fourth Book Review: “City of Glass” by Cassandra Clare

“City of Glass” is the third book in the Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare. Ever since the whole “Twilight” fiasco, I’ve been a little wary of young adult novels. Seeing as how the Mortal Instruments Series is a young adult series, I did approach it with a certain amount of reservation and caution. I’m very pleased to state that Cassandra Clare hasn’t disappointed, her novels are unique, entertaining, quick-paced, and have just the right amount of humor balanced in the mix.

Before I get into the review, I just want to state for the record – I love how this series is clearly numbered! On each cover it clearly states which number book it is. The cover says in small type “The Mortal Instruments” and under that “City of Glass”. Between the two titles it says in a dark circle “book three”. I have more than once picked up a book not realizing it was in a series and started to read it only to find out I was going out of order. It’s a very unfortunate situation and I’m glad that the author/publisher had the foresight to include this small but wonderful detail. Now the review:




“City of Glass” picks up with Clary planning her trip to Idris to meet Ragnor Fell, the warlock she has been told will be able to wake her mother from the spell she is under. She is bursting with anticipation, not only at the prospect of finally getting to talk to her mom about the whole new world she is now a part of, but at the idea of going to the land of the shadow hunters.

In all her excitement, she still finds herself frustrated by Jace and his blatant displeasure at the idea of her going to Idris. They argue over it and leave one another in a huff. Then on the day that they are supposed to be leaving, Jace calls Simon to get him to lie to the Lightwoods and say that Clary would rather stay in New York with her mother. Simon is apprehensive at first but Jace is on the verge of talking him into it. Before Simon can make the lie however, they are attacked by Forsaken and all hell breaks loose. Simon is gravely injured and Jace pulls him into the Portal that they are all escaping through.

Clary arrives at the Institute to discover it deserted, dark, and silent. Magnus Bane – the warlock who made the Portal for everyone to get to Idris – is there and explains the attack of Forsaken on the Institute. Clary demands he open another Portal for her so she can get to Idris and save her mother. Magnus tries to explain that this is easier said than done when Clary decides to take it into her own hands. She draws a Portal using her newfound talent of creating runes and goes through it with Luke in tow.

I don’t want to give too much away because that’s no fun, but so much stuff happens in this book! I have to say that I picked up this book with plans to read it by the couch, getting through a few pages at a time. Then I got sick and was not in the mood to do anything other than sleep. When I picked it up again, I finished it in one day. I couldn’t stop reading it!  

Would I recommend this book? Yes, “City of Glass” is a great read that would be appealing to a wide range of people. I look forward to seeing what else Cassandra Clare has in store for us. She is very talented and certainly knows how to keep readers wanting more. 

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