Becky’s One Hundred and Thirty-Third Book Review: “Midnight Whispers” by V.C. Andrews



“Midnight Whispers” is the fourth book in the Cutler Family Series by V.C. Andrews. In staying with her typical series formula, this book follows the daughter of the main character of the first three books. Christie is the lovechild of Dawn and her music teacher in New York that she fell for in “Secrets of the Morning” (book two in the series).

This book opens on Christie getting ready to celebrate her sweet sixteen. The hotel has been decorated and she is very excited about her beautiful gown. She has a blast at the party with all her friends and was especially excited to see Jimmy’s half brother, Gavin. Jimmy married Dawn and helped raise Christie but is not her biological father. Gavin and Christie are very good friends and on the night of the party he confesses his true affections for her. All seems well in her life. This illusion quickly dissolves when she comes home from school to find the hotel burning. In the fire, both Dawn and Jimmy die and Christie and her brother Jefferson are left in the hands of their aunt and uncle.

With her world turned upside down, Christie now has to deal with sharing her beautiful house with a family she has never gotten along well with. She and Jefferson try to stick together, but they feel their aunt, uncle, and cousins edging them out of their own home. Changes are being made against Christie’s wishes and she soon finds herself the unwanted attentions of her uncle. This being a V.C. Andrews book, I saw this coming a mile away and was not at all surprised by what happened next. In case you feel the need to read this book yourself, I am not going to go further.

The story in itself isn’t a terrible one, but I am just not pleased with V.C. Andrews overall as a writer. Everything is so formula with her. I’m definitely regretting getting all of her books before reading a single one. Now I have them all and am forcing myself to read them to get my money’s worth I guess. Plots are very predictable, characters are rarely likable, and overall reading these books is more of a chore than a fun activity.

Would I recommend this book? No, I really had to push myself to finish reading this whole series and I wasn’t captivated enough to want to share the series with anyone else. Perhaps if I were immortal and I had the time to read all the books in the world I would recommend them, but the fact of the matter is – life is too short to waste on bad books. Considering V.C. Andrew’s first series is the most well known and most frequently brought up, I think I will read it and if that series sucks too then I’m done with her books. Next up, the Dollanganger series.


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