Becky’s One Hundred and Thirty-First Book Review: “The Good Cop” by Brad Parks

“You have to know what flavor of ice cream you are in this world, and I am vanilla.” (The Good Cop, pg 9). Ah, good old Carter Ross. I’m sure in his mind, he is vanilla, but having met the guy who produced and in no way influenced who Carter Ross is (according to his website, Carter Ross is a “fictional character who bears no resemblance to Brad beyond their shared height, weight, eye color, hair color, skin color, charmed upbringing, sartorial blandness and general worldview” ( I would have to say vanilla is not an accurate description. There is at least some chocolate syrup on there, maybe some nuts and sprinkles. Brad certainly seems like a sprinkles kind of guy.

It may seem like I’ve been writing an awful lot about Brad Parks lately. That’s true. It’s one of those things that happens when you meet someone for the first time. Someone who’s mind you’ve been – at least partly – because you’ve read their work. Not to mention the fact that he is sort of a celebrity (ok, a minor one). He’s kind of a big deal, sort of. Meeting Brad Parks was quite an adventure and one you can read about if you so desire, on

But back to the book review: I finished reading “The Good Cop” a little while ago but wanted to hold off on writing the book review since I was writing on my other blog about Brad Parks. Now that I have the next Carter Ross book in my possession begging me to read it, I think it’s time.  

“The Good Cop” is once again following the hilarious Carter Ross who really does seem to get himself into the craziest situations. The story that falls in his lap (and gets him up at an ungodly hour) is about a dead cop. Carter finds out about the death but doesn’t information about the circumstances right away so he goes off to investigate as the nosy reporter that he is. Carter decides that he is going to interview the widow and get some really good, heart wrenching material about this stand up cop with a daughter and a newborn son tragically struck down in his prime. Already half the story is written in his head when his editor Tina, tells him to drop the story since the cop wasn’t killed, it was a suicide.

Being the reporter that he is, Carter of course thinks there is something fishy going on. What guy who is planning on killing himself makes plans to go to Disney World with the family? Soon, there are more bodies to deal with. Not long after that, people try to kill Carter in a few different ways. “The Malibu may not be good for many things, but getting in people’s way is one of them. It has got a nice, wide rear end – the J.Lo of the car world.” (The Good Cop, pg 242). There are some crazy things that happen in this book, including Carter trying absinth, but the one thing that I really want to talk about I can’t because it would be a spoiler. Trust me, this book is something to pick up.

One thing that I really enjoy about Brad Park’s writing is that he has a nice amount of humor in his books, but it is not overly obvious. It is present in the way that I hope my writing will show humor. This quote in particular I really found amusing and just a great example of the subtle humor that he likes to put in his writing. “I only wished I had brought a clipboard along. A white man looks that much more convincing with a clipboard.” (The Good Cop, pg 279)

Would I recommend this book? Absolutely!! I think that Carter Ross is the kind of character that anyone could easily fall in love with. He’s goofy and charming and all in all, just someone you want to read about. I cannot wait to really dig into “The Player” which is the fifth book in the Carter Ross series. One thing I’ll say, don’t pick up this series if you are trying to get anything done. But it is an excellent series and one that I fully recommend. In fact, it is so good that I pay for the hardcover because I’m too impatient to wait for the paperback to come out. I swear, Brad Parks is lacing his books with something addictive.



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