Becky’s One Hundred and Fifteenth Book Review: “After Dead” by Charlaine Harris

Personally, I think that Charlaine Harris is a very creative writer. I like the fact that she has written several series, not just the Sookie Stackhouse one. In fact, I wish that she would write more series. The Sookie series is over now, and she released an additional book “After Dead” which discusses what happens to the rest of the characters. I have to say…I’m a little disappointed. I guess I expected too much from this book. I thought there would be background or something, but it is literally an alphabetical list (one character to a page) with anywhere from two sentences to a couple paragraphs. What I didn’t like was how the characters were not explained. I mean, I’m sorry, but I didn’t know who the fuck most of these characters were. 

If I were writing a book detailing what happened to the rest of the characters in a series that I had written over a decade, I would reference which books the characters first appeared in, to start. Then maybe some backstory like “Quinn – the weretiger, first appears in the fifth Sookie Stackhouse novel ‘Dead as a Doornail’ and was a romantic interest of Sookie’s for a bit.” Possibly extend to include his backstory about his family (mentally ill mother, younger sister), about some of his activities (killing a bunch of humans who were raping his mom and going to vampires to help clean up the mess; getting into an epic battle with Bill over Sookie’s protection). That would be more satisfying than “John Quinn had many more adventures”. REALLY? That is what you came up with as his continued story??? 

If Charlaine Harris had done that, then I wouldn’t have felt ripped off. As it was, I read the book in less than a half hour because there was practically nothing in it. I almost feel like writing a letter to Charlaine Harris and asking for my money back. (Even though I technically didn’t pay for the book because my parents got it for me for Christmas) Really, I just wish she would have done the characters a little more justice and taken the time to write the book correctly. I think that “After Dead” is really the definition of selling out. The price on this book? $18.00 – 195 pages, most not even halfway full of text. Is she hurting for money? I doubt it. I’m fairly certain that Charlaine Harris is pretty comfortable. But she felt the need to write this book half-assed. 

I will NOT be recommending this book to anyone. I think it shouldn’t have cost more than $2.00 and I think it is just a waste of her talent. In the beginning of the book, there is a blurb about how she wrote this book because so many people had questions about what happened to the characters. She wrote this blurb suggesting that this whole book was composed for her fans. But really, if this was for her fans, she wouldn’t have allowed the publishers to charge so much for it and she wouldn’t have done a half-assed job at writing it. I’m very disappointed in you Charlaine Harris. 


One thought on “Becky’s One Hundred and Fifteenth Book Review: “After Dead” by Charlaine Harris

  1. georgiasuzy says:

    I swear, in DEA Ms. Harris was so off-Canon and the characters so OOC that it didn’t seem like SHE was the actual author. And what author writes her main characters so that you hate them now? It’s not a Sookie’s fault – she didn’t write her own lines – her mother did. As far as “After Dead” goes, luckily I read the Amazon reviews and quickly learned how stupid and uninformative it was. Neither book was up to her usual standards. If she was truly sick of writing Sookie and couldn’t remain professional enough to write a decent end to a beloved series, then she should’ve gotten a fanfic author to ghost-write it, instead of letting some flunky intern do it. Gaaaaahh, just saying. I apologize for making cracks about ghostwriters, it’s just that the book did not match what I think of as her style for the rest of the books. Well, thanks for letting me rant!

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