Becky’s Ninety-Fourth Book Review: “Odd Jobs” by Ben Lieberman

“Odd Jobs” by Ben Lieberman was rather different from what I usually pick up to read. It was recommended to me and so I thought I would give it a shot. It is a shorter novel, only 292 pages and therefore had quite an appeal after reading “11/22/63” which was nearly 900 pages.

“Odd Jobs” is the debut novel by this author, Ben Lieberman and to me at least, that was rather obvious. Although there is a quote on the front of the cover by James Patterson “Odd Jobs is a tightly-wound, well written mystery that I read in one sitting.” I found it to be not very well written, at least not in the beginning. To me, it was very obvious that “Odd Jobs” was a debut novel. It was rather raw in the beginning. I didn’t like the fact that the book had cover, title page, dedication page, and on the back of the dedication page chapter one started. It felt very messy in a way. I think I wouldn’t have been as bothered if the first chapter began on a fresh page. So I kind of went into the book with prejudice because of this.

Once I got into the book, I found myself wanting to read more and more of it even though I didn’t particularly care for the main character, Kevin. “Odd Jobs” is about this guy Kevin who witnessed his father and sister being killed by what is assumed to be a drunk driver. Kevin works all sorts of odd jobs because his mom turns into a zombie after his father and sister are killed. (Not a literal zombie). These jobs lead him to work at a company called Kosher World. The book goes on to describe all sorts of things that Kevin is exposed to working at Kosher World, but it isn’t until about chapter 12 that he finds out a vital piece of information that changes Kevin’s perspective and his goals. On the off chance that you are going to pick up this book to read after my review, I’m not going to say anymore.

Overall, I think that “Odd Jobs” was an okay novel. It wasn’t great, the story was interesting and it did pick up after a relatively slow start, but the writing wasn’t great either. I think it was too rough. There is writing dialogue and then there is just writing like you’re ranting. I wasn’t a big fan. I think that “Odd Jobs” might appeal to a certain audience, but I probably won’t be picking up anything else by this author.  


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