Becky’s Eighty-Third Book Review: “Bound to You” by Christopher Pike

There has been much debate on whether or not I should write two book reviews for this book. At least I have been debating it a lot. I finished reading “Bound to You” by Christopher Pike which is actually two of his books published together. This review will be of each of those books, “Spellbound” and “See You Later”. Christopher Pike most often focuses his works on horror/thriller with a touch of science fiction thrown in. These books leaned a little more towards science fiction than some of the others that I have read.

“Spellbound” was the first book in the “Bound to You” collection. The story revolves around Cindy. Weeks ago, a girl’s body was found in a stream on a mountain—the victim of a bear attack, or so claims Jason, the dead girl’s boyfriend. The story starts off with Cindy becoming instantly defensive for Jason who is now her boyfriend. Then the secrets start to come out and Cindy begins to question everything and everyone. What I really liked about this story was how it went in a different direction from what I had expected. I always try to guess what will happen next and while I had some of the right ideas, I was still taken away by the twists at the end. The book is a quick read and was very entertaining.

The second book in the “Bound to You” collection was “See You Later”. This story followed Mark, a computer game designer who has a bad heart. The story really begins when he meets a girl, as so many stories do. But then he meets a few more people and his life becomes very interesting in a very short period of time. “It began with a smile, or at least that’s what I thought. But then, I didn’t think much when I was eighteen. I just longed for things I didn’t have, and reacted when they came to me and I no longer wanted them.” (See You Later/Bound to You, pg 257). I like how Christopher Pike starts out this story, it is very accessible. I also like the voice that he uses for Mark, it is very sarcastic and he said a lot of things in a similar fashion of how I tend to speak which I found entertaining. “I had no trouble identifying Ray. My psychic powers were operating at peak performance. He had a name tag on.” (See You Later/Bound to You, pg 304). There were so many statements like this throughout the novel that I just loved. The book took an interesting twist that I did not see coming too which is so often the case with Christopher Pike. I think that is part of what appeals to me; he keeps his audience guessing all the way to the end.

This collection was a fun read. I’ve been reading Christopher Pike since I was old enough to have my own library card and it is always fun when I come across books that I haven’t read before. I hadn’t read either of these books even though I own them in their separate formats. Would I recommend this collection? Yes, I think it would be an enjoyable read for anyone who gravitates towards thrillers. His work is always an easy read as well which is great for when you want a relaxing read, even though he does throw in enough action and thrills to keep your heart pounding in almost everything he writes. I can’t wait to read the rest of the books I recently acquired by him.


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