Becky’s Seventy-Sixth Book Review: “Carrie” by Stephen King


I can’t believe it has taken me so long to make a new post! Already twelve days into the month and I’ve only finished one book! As I finished spooning my New England Clam Chowder into my mouth I also finished reading “Carrie” by Stephen King.

This is actually not the first time that I’ve read this book, but since I didn’t write a review last time I thought, why not? Plus with the new movie coming out soonish I thought it might be of interest to other people too.

There is a reason that Carrie is a classic. That so many of the lines from the novel and/or movie are well known to those who haven’t even read or watched Carrie. At the very basic level, Carrie is about a girl who is picked on her whole life until she finally snaps. The difference being that she has the useful and deadly ability to move things with her mind. If you want to go deeper into the novel, I think on some level people can connect with Carrie as a character. She is this friendless outcast that is always the butt of jokes. I believe that at one time or another, everyone has felt like an outcast. I guess I don’t really know what it is like for those in the popular crowd since I never fell into that category…but I was by no means friendless as a child and still felt that way sometimes.

In a strange way, I found myself cheering for Carrie. I knew how everything would turn out, having seen the movie multiple times and having read the book once before. Nevertheless I saw Carrie grow stronger the further I progressed into the book and looking forward to the inevitable carnage. Maybe it was partly because I connected so much with her and the pain that she was surrounded with. Maybe it was because I can just be morbid. Either way, I devoured Stephen King’s “Carrie” quickly.

Part of the delay in writing a review before this is because I have been reading several books this month. One I’m struggling with, so I think I may take a break and pick it up in a little while. The other two are my two favorite books “Jane Eyre” and “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn” which I’ve never read at the same time before. I didn’t even do so intentionally now, but I am finding many parallels between the two main characters which is making me realize more and more why these are my favorite books. More reviews to come.

Would I recommend “Carrie” by Stephen King? Yes, the book is excellent. It is also on the shorter side, so it is a great book for those of you that cannot commit to extremely long novels, such as “The Stand” which was around 1500 pages. “Carrie” is only 290 pages, which to me is short.

I want to make a quick mention about the movie as well. The original movie that is the most well known came out in 1976 and did a pretty good job for the time. I did not like the fact that the total destruction of the town was altered to only include the fire at the high school, the car accident that killed Chris and Billy (the couple responsible for the buckets of blood), and the death of Carrie’s mother. She died differently in the book, but I think the movie did well with what they included.

When checking the dates of the movies I found out that there was a TV movie that came out in 2002. In 1999 a sequel of sorts came out, The Rage: Carrie 2. In it the main character has the same father as the original Carrie did but instead of destroying a high school, it’s a house where there is a party in full swing. I thought it was entertaining and have seen it a few times personally.

I am very excited to see the new movie which is scheduled to come out in October 2013. So I have to be patient for a few months, but from the small preview that I’ve been able to find on youtube, it looks like they may have adapted the movie to follow the book almost to a t. I think that is great and can’t wait to see how it turns out.


One thought on “Becky’s Seventy-Sixth Book Review: “Carrie” by Stephen King

  1. jennthebest says:

    i just checked out carrie from the library. watched the movie but never read the book. i get harrassed in school all the time i think i might relate to how she was feeling

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