Becky’s Sixty-Ninth Book Review: “The Listeners” by Christopher Pike

Right now where I live we are experiencing days full of bitter cold and a biting wind just to make everyone more miserable. The worst part of my day is walking to the train station and walking home from the train station. The walk which is in reality only about fifteen minutes long feels like it takes forever. I am pulling out clothes that I usually wear when I go skiing and I find myself at work wearing multiple sweaters. That being said, yesterday when I got off the train and was about to walk home I stood still in the bitter cold to finish my book. In retrospect, I probably should have just walked home and then pulled out my book…but to the true book lover when you are pages away from finishing, you’ll stand still in the freezing cold just so you can know what happens.

Yesterday while I was freezing my ass off I finished reading “The Listeners” by Christopher Pike. It was excellent. I first discovered Christopher Pike when I was younger; I believe late elementary school/early middle school age. I always looked forward to the day that my mom would drive me and my siblings to the library and I could check out books with my very own library card. I remember how exciting it was to have my own. When I was really little, my mom just used her card. At this point in my life though, I was given my very own and I felt rich. Christopher Pike has written a lot of books and most of his works are geared towards young adults. They are all thrillers in one way or another and he has been described as a ‘young adult version of Stephen King’. I devoured every book of his that I could find and he has remained one of my favorites. Sadly, he doesn’t write as quickly as I read but I only recently got my hands on his adult books and I am working my way through them.

“The Listeners” is centered around FBI Agent David Connor and his final assignment before retirement. David’s boss, Ned, sends him to investigate a channeling group called ‘The Listeners’. The group has come up on FBI radar because they seem to have access to highly classified information about government technology. David is put on assignment to go undercover as a reporter to study the group and find out what is going on. He uncovers more than he had ever bargained for and his final assignment turns into a nightmare where David is forced to face the demons of his past in order to fight in the present.

I always find Christopher Pike’s books to be fast paced and so I wasn’t surprised when I finished the book after only a few days. David is the kind of hero that you love and despise at the same time. Pike develops his characters very well. He also always seems to come up with some bizarre plot line to follow for his books and in this sense, he definitely has a similar taste to Stephen King.

Would I recommend “The Listeners” by Christopher Pike? Yes, I think that he is a great author and especially if you enjoy reading thrillers with a touch of sci-fi you would enjoy “The Listeners”. Plus I think my suffering the cold to finish the book speaks for itself.


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