Becky’s Sixty-Seventh Book Review: “Hunting Season” by P.T. Deutermann

I personally believe that P.T. Deutermann is an outstanding author. He has written several series in addition to writing stand-alone novels. I just finished reading the first stand-alone novel of his that I’ve read and it was a thrilling read. P.T. Deutermann’s “Hunting Season” is an awesome combination of conspiracy theory, thrills and action, and a view on just how far a man will go to protect his daughter.

“Hunting Season” opens with Lynn Kreiss and two of her friends running into trouble that inevitably turns to them being declared missing persons. Lynn Kreiss is Edward Kreiss’s daughter and he is a retired FBI agent. When Kreiss is informed that the case is going to be essentially dropped on the local level he decides to take matters into his own hands. When Kreiss was in the FBI he was a man hunter whose specialty was making rogue operatives disappear. He takes the skills that he retained from his work for the FBI and goes into action determined to find out what happened to his daughter.

If you step back from the book far enough, it sounds like a similar plot to that of the movie “Taken” starring Liam Nielson. Of course “Taken” came out in 2008 while “Hunting Season” was published in 2001. But it is the same idea of a father taking the awesome skills that he has developed from working a job that ended up pulling him away from his family to triumph over all obstacles and put his family back together again.

Would I recommend “Hunting Season” by P.T. Deutermann? Yes, anyone who enjoys a good thrill-ride would enjoy this book. I think that Deutermann writes in a way that would appeal to both readers and non-readers alike.


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