Becky’s Sixty-Sixth Book Review: “Double Dexter” by Jeff Lindsay


There are many emotions that I am feeling right now as a result of finishing reading “Double Dexter” by Jeff Lindsay. One of them is sadness because I am unaware of whether or not Lindsay is planning on writing more books and since I have finished reading this one I am all caught up. This is highly disappointing. Another emotion I am feeling is happiness because now that I’m done reading “Double Dexter” I can concentrate more fully on reading the several other books that I have in the mix at the moment and I got quite a few books for Christmas…so finishing a book is always fun because it means I can start another one! Another feeling that I had upon finishing this book was pride. I am proud that one of my New Year’s ‘goals’ (because resolutions never work, so I made goals) is to read two books per month. I have already reached that goal this month with the completion of this novel.

“Double Dexter”by Jeff Lindsay was very entertaining and constantly while reading it I kept thinking about how Lindsay really needs to write more books so that I can read them. I love the bizarre way that his mind works and I think that his characters are so entertaining. I would love for him to write another series similar to Dexter, but with a different premise. Then again, some authors are best when sticking to the same group of characters. So until he actually does write another series I just won’t know. Either way, I kept catching myself laughing aloud at the sarcasm that can always be found in the Dexter series. Since I tend to read while taking the train to and from work, this does have the side effect of making me look crazy.

“Double Dexter”begins with Dexter doing what he does best. He is at ‘work’ making the world a better place by killing a pedophile-murderer who has continued to slip through the justice system unscathed. While in the middle of cleaning up after his fun, Dexter hears a noise and looks up just in time to see the back of someone head. Dexter has a witness and is now in a race to find the witness before he exposes Dexter for what he is. This leads to much stress in his life and to further complicate matters, Rita is upset but Dexter cannot figure out why and Astor, Cody, and Lily-Anne are presenting challenges daily. To top it all off, there is a cop-killer on the loose.

There were several really entertaining quotes in the book that I made note of so that I could write them in my review. I think they are great examples of Lindsay’s writing style. For example, “The gruesome jokes that would ordinarily bring forth my best fake chuckle seemed like fingernails on a chalkboard, and it was a miracle of self-control that I simmered silently through the moronic hilarity for ninety minutes without setting anyone on fire.”(Lindsay, Jeff. Double Dexter, pg 17). Also, “Happily for me, ninety-nine percent of all human life is spent simply repeating the same old actions, speaking the same tired clichés, moving like a zombie through the same steps of the dance we plodded through yesterday and the day before and the day before. It seems horribly dull and pointless—but it really makes a great deal of sense. After all, if you only have to follow the same path every day, you don’t need to think at all. Considering how good humans are at any mental process more complicated than chewing, isn’t that best for everybody?” (Lindsay, Jeff. Double Dexter, pg 36). And one last one, “I came, I duct-taped, I conquered. That was who I am.” (Lindsay, Jeff. Double Dexter, pg 239).

Would I recommend this book? Most definitely, but only to a certain crowd because not everyone will appreciate a sarcastic serial killer with an affinity for alliterations.


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