Becky’s Sixty-Third Book Review: “Boom” by Jim Brown

It took me absolutely forever to read “Boom” by Jim Brown and this wasn’t due to the book being difficult to get into or anything like that. I went to Jim Brown’s website and because I took the time to go there, he sent me the book for free. In pieces. Twenty-four pieces to be exact. It kind of drove me crazy, but I wanted to have the book for free, so I was being very stubborn about buying it.

“Boom” is about a new kind of terrorist attack—people wake up with tattoos on their arms that say “Boom” and there is a count down clock on the tattoo that changes with each passing minute. Once you have the tattoo, you’re gone. This led to a very intense read. With each chapter more and more people were being blown up and there was no telling who would be next. No one was safe.

It was one of those books where you keep putting your face closer and closer because you’re so excited about what is going to happen next. Then of course, I would have to wait another week for another piece of the novel. There were many times that I almost broke down and bought it. It was really only my student loans taking up all my money that stopped me.

I think that “Boom” would be a good book for most people to read, especially those who enjoy high stakes and tense situations. Overall, I enjoyed the book. I thought the end was a little bit of a disappointment, but at the same time, it fit. I am definitely going to have to get my hands on his other novels. If you think you would have the patience, I recommend going to his website and getting “Boom” for free, you just need to sign up for his mailing list. Check it out


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