“Dexter is Delicious” is the fifth book in the Dexter series and I could not put it down. I know that in my past reviews of Jeff Lindsay’s Dexter novels I have mentioned what a great author he is, but it is worth stating again. Jeff Lindsay’s writing is remarkable. I kind of think that the series gets better the further into it you get. “Dexter is Delicious” was very exciting and difficult to put down. The only down side is now there is one book left in the series and I don’t know if Lindsay is planning on writing another.

“Dexter is Delicious” picks up a few months after the last book left off. At the conclusion of “Dexter by Design” Rita informed Dexter that she was going to have a baby. “Dexter is Delicious” picks up at the hospital right after Rita gives birth to a healthy baby girl, Lily Anne. Having a child of his own has changed Dexter, he is overwhelmed by all of these new feelings and wonders if Lily Anne was what he needed all along to become human. Excited about his daughter, Dexter plans on turning over a new leaf and is convinced that Cody and Astor will join him as he walks into the light and leaves his world of darkness behind forever. In the midst of all this excitement in Dexter’s world, a new group is terrorizing Miami. This group fancies themselves vampires and within their circle of blood drinkers there is an even more disturbing group of cannibals. Debs once again is depending on Dexter to help her solve the mystery and save a girl whom is next on the menu.

Again in this book, Lindsay uses alliterations frequently. I really like that he does this because it makes it a game for me to find them almost. The way that Lindsay uses language to his advantage is awe-inspiring. I really enjoy the fact that the books are filled with dry humor. There were several points throughout the novel that I wanted to include quotes from, but I don’t want to give too much away, so I’ll stick to just a few. This is one example of Lindsay’s writing that I really enjoyed, “Every little girl who has ever lived has grown up wanting to be an actress or dancer or some kind of performer—all of them except Deborah. All she ever wanted out of life, even at the tender age of five, was a badge and a gun. And through hard work, dogged intelligence, and really painful arm punches, she had achieved her goal—only to find that in order to keep it, she now had to be an actress. The word “irony” is terribly overused, but still, the situation seemed to call for a bit of wry amusement at the very least” (Lindsay, Jeff. “Dexter is Delicious” pg. 126). And one more quick quote, “Something tickled at my nose and I rubbed it; my hand came away with blood on it and for a very long and frozen second I stared at it, unable to think or move or see anything except that awful red smear of precious Dexter fluid. But happily for me, my brain came back online and I wiped my hand on my pants leg and put it out of my mind. Clearly, it had happened when I dived for cover and bumped my nose. No big deal. We all have blood in us. The trick is to keep it inside” (Lindsay, Jeff. “Dexter is Delicious” pg. 308). I think those are two great examples of how Lindsay inserts humor into his novels; quite entertaining from where I am standing.

Would I recommend “Dexter is Delicious”? Without a doubt. I know that I have said it a lot, but Lindsay is a great writer and I believe most people would enjoy his style and technique. The only hesitation that I would give is if you don’t particularly care to read about serial killers, then the Dexter series may not be for you. I am really enjoying it myself.


Becky’s Fifty-Sixth Book Review: “Dexter is Delicious” by Jeff Lindsay


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