Becky’s Tenth Movie Review: “Apollo 13”

Apollo 13: How have I gone so long without seeing this movie? I mentioned to Adam that I would like to see it and he told me that the last time he saw it he was a little kid and he got sick in the theater. So he was up for giving it another chance.


I was fairly impressed. The movie came out awhile ago and some of the actors would not have been my first choices (Bill Paxton & Kevin Bacon [although Bacon kept his pants on in this film]), but things came together nicely and I enjoyed it. Tom Hanks is an amazing actor—one of my favorites actually. I was glad to see him in this film. I am always impressed with Ed Harris as well.


Before sitting down to watch the movie, I really did not know anything about the Apollo 13 mission. I knew the famous line “Houston, we have a problem”…but I didn’t know what had gone wrong and I didn’t know if Apollo 13 had returned home safely. It was kind of nice being ignorant in this area because it allowed me to keep guessing. I had tears in my eyes at the end. Some of the effects in the movie were rather awful, but I think that the movie is impressive for the time.


Would I recommend this movie? Yes, I was glad that I took the time to watch it and I’m kind of glad that I took so long. When I was younger I don’t think that I would have appreciated the movie as much, especially since it is on the longer side and I would have been bored. I’d give this movie four out of five stars.


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