Becky’s Forty-Second Book Review: “The Dark Monk” by Oliver Pötzsch

Yesterday I finished reading “The Dark Monk: A Hangman’s Daughter Tale” by Oliver Pötzsch. This is the second book that Oliver Pötzsch has written following the Hangman’s daughter. I enjoyed this book for the most part, although I still liked the first book in this series better.

“The Dark Monk” followed the same characters, Magdalene, Simon, and Jakob Kuisl. I am a big fan of Magdalene’s character, I find many similarities between her personality and my own. Oliver Pötzsch gives her a fiery passion and a short temper that I find myself relating to. I found myself disliking Simon more and more in this novel. Partly because of his behavior, and partly because he comes off as a pompous ass; he is always worried that his adventures will ruin his fancy clothing. Any guy who cares that much about his appearance is not someone worth being with (in my opinion).

This time the story involves Jakob and Simon trying to solve a murder and stumbling upon a well kept secret involving the Knight’s Templar. The two have to work together to solve the riddles that seem to be never ending. Meanwhile Magdalene is off on her own adventures that inevitably lead her back to the same puzzle that Simon and her father are trying to solve.

I enjoy Oliver Pötzsch’s writing and I find it especially fascinating that he is building this world around his ancestors. At the end of the novel Oliver Pötzsch goes into how he has been contacted by many people who can trace their origins back to Jakob Kuisl as well which is really pretty cool.

Would I recommend this book? Yes, I think that Oliver Pötzsch is a very talented author who is worth reading. The next book in the series will be coming out in early January, 2013 (The Beggar King). 


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