Becky’s Thirty-Seventh Book Review: “Full Blast” by Janet Evanovich and Charlotte Hughes

Last night I stayed up late finishing the next book in the series “Full Blast” by Janet Evanovich and Charlotte Hughes. “Full Blast” once again features Max Holt and Jamie Swift and of course, Max’s computer Muffin. This time the two are in Beaumont, SC when murder occurs—and it seems to be related to the newspaper. Jamie is horrified at the idea that her new idea for a personal section in her newspaper could be inspiration for a killer. There are all sorts of bizarre happenings in town, from aphrodisiac-laced brownies, to a new lingerie shop that ruffles feathers. In addition to all of this, Frankie and Deedee announce that they are expecting a baby. Muffin decides that she is going to help Deedee by finding out all the information that she can on pregnancy, and then she begins to think that she is pregnant. It is kind of ridiculous the way that Muffin acts, I mean she’s a computer!! But her quirky ways do liven up the ‘full’ series.


Max and Jamie are determined to solve the murder case before anyone else gets hurt and they are offered help by a new character…a psychic named Destiny who dresses just slightly better than a street-walker and sneezes when she gets a vision. Destiny and Jamie decide that they will go on dates with the murder suspects and try to get a feel for who is guilty. Of course while all the business with murder is going on, Max and Jamie are constantly getting on each other’s nerves and also pushing each other’s buttons—in more ways that one.


I really enjoy reading about the electricity between Max and Jamie and I love when murder mysteries are designed to entertain with eccentric attitudes and funny characters. I enjoyed this book and I finished it in about a day. Would I recommend this? Yes.   


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