Becky’s Thirty-Sixth Book Review: “Full Speed” by Janet Evanovich and Charlotte Hughes

Well I cannot seem to get enough of this series. I just finished reading “Full Speed”, the third book in the series. Once again, the story features Max Holt and Jamie Swift, not to mention the ever entertaining ultimate computer, Muffin. This series is in my opinion, getting better as it goes on. I think that Janet Evanovich and Charlotte Hughes are getting more comfortable with writing with each other and finding a better rhythm in their writing techniques.

The book starts with Max and Jamie fighting, the end result being Jamie getting out of the car and Max driving off. The two were planning on going after a corrupt minister and after they have their fight, Jamie decides that she will just make the journey on her own. She procures a beat-up truck that is more rust than not, has a piece of plywood nailed on the floor on the passenger side because the floor has a hole in it and comes with a dog names Fleas whose seen better days. Jamie knows that the minister that they are planning on going after has a weakness for women, so she dresses up in disguise—wig and all—and shows up at his church looking like a complete slut. Then she tells him that she needs help because she is an addict, a sex addict. While at church, Jamie runs into Max who is less than pleased to see her there, especially looking the way that she does.

Jamie and Max decide to team up after all and the two of them, plus Fleas start on another adventure that keeps the pages turning. I am really enjoying this series and I think that it is well worth reading. A great beach read.  


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