Becky’s Thirty-Fifth Book Review: “Full Tilt” by Janet Evanovich and Charlotte Hughes

Yesterday I finished reading “Full House” which is the first book in a series. Today I read the second book entitled “Full Tilt” by Janet Evanovich and Charlotte Hughes. Now the first book in the series focuses on Billie Pearce and Nick Kaharchek. In “Full House”, Nick has two cousins, Deedee and Max. The second book in this series focuses on Max Holt and Jamie Swift.

The first book introduces Max and I really liked his character. I was pleased to realize that the next book revolved around him. In “Full House” Max is only sixteen years old. Max is much older and extremely successful in “Full Tilt”. Max is a kind of super-genius and another main character (if you can call it that) in the book is Max’s computer named Muffin. Max had NASA scientist design his car to be super-sleek, kind of modeled after a Porsche only bigger. Plus the car is built with titanium steel which makes it nearly invincible. Muffin is programmed to think like a person and a computer, and she has an attitude and the voice of Marilyn Monroe. I was a big fan of Muffin, she brought a lot of entertainment to this book.

Max comes to the small town of Beaumont, SC because his sister’s husband is running for mayor and needs help doing some investigating into missing tax dollars. In this small town, Max has also invested in a newspaper that is owned by Jamie Swift. Max and Jamie team up together to try to investigate the missing money and when bullets start flying they also become interested in finding out who is trying to kill them.

The book was fun and light, a quick read but I’m glad that I read it. I don’t think that this series is up to par with the Stephanie Plum novels, but it is still entertaining enough. I would recommend the series to someone looking for a good beach read or something to do while on a plane. The series is entertaining as I said before, but maybe it is because I so enjoy the love triangle of the Stephanie Plum novels between her, Ranger and Morelli that I couldn’t enjoy this series quite as much.


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