Becky’s Ninth Movie Review: “The Devil Inside”

The other day I made the mistake of suggesting that we watch “The Devil Inside”. And what a mistake that was. It was 83 minutes of disappointment. The movie got off to an interesting start and I was feeling optimistic. Then it went downhill pretty quickly.

The acting was mediocre at best. There were some scenes that seemed promising and then I would be left wanting more. The blind nun on the front cover…she was in two seconds of one scene. Every time that I would start to get into the movie the scene would die in one way or another. I was finally thinking that the movie was about to turn around and then it ended.

What was the ending? It was stupid, inconclusive, and at the end there was a message on screen to go and check out their website. We went to their website…there was nothing there except for clips from the movie and links to crazy people talking about exorcism.

This movie gets one star for the fifteen minutes in which I was actually entertained. I strongly recommend that you don’t waste your time on it.


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