Becky’s Twenty-Eighth Book Review: “Kiss the Dead: An Anita Blake Vampire Hunter novel” by Laurell K. Hamilton

There is a list of the Anita Blake Novels at the bottom of this review, if you are looking for the order that the books go in, just scroll to the bottom.


The most recent book in the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series is titled “Kiss the Dead”. I really enjoyed this book. Laurell K. Hamilton has a way of writing that just sucks in the audience. Anita Blake is one of my favorite characters to follow, there are quite a few novels. In the world that Hamilton has created there are vampires, zombies, and were-animals including werewolves, werelions, wererats, werehyenas, etc. Anita Blake is a U.S. Marshall, in a special division where she and others hunt down ‘paranormal’ threats. She started out the series as an animator (one who raises zombies) who helped out the cops on occasion. She has gone through many transitions due to her encounters with vampires and wereanimals. Anita Blake’s nickname in the vampire world became “The Executioner” because she has the highest kill count of anyone in the U.S. (of vampires). I have enjoyed all of the Anita Blake novels, she starts as such an independent woman with such strong morals and Laurell K. Hamilton puts it well “Oh, how the mighty have fallen” (that was in an introduction to one of the short stories about Anita Blake). I don’t want to give too much away as to what happens in “Kiss the Dead” but I will say that new information comes to light when it comes to Anita’s “bride” Nicky and Anita spends a lot of the novel conflicted about “Sin”, her blue tiger to call.

I highly recommend this series, it is really entertaining. There is action and lots of violence not to mention lust, lust, lust! The books can be a bit gory at times, so if you have a light stomach, it might not be for you.



If anyone is looking to read the series, it is currently up to twenty-one novels. There are several short stories too.

1.Guilty Pleasures

2.The Laughing Corpse

3.Circus of the Damned

4.The Lunatic Cafe

5.Bloody Bones

6.The Killing Dance

7.Burnt Offerings

8.Blue Moon

9.Obsidian Butterfly

10.Narcissus in Chains

11.Cerulean Sins

12.Incubus Dreams


14.Danse Macabre

15.The Harlequin

16.Blood Noir

17.Skin Trade



20.Hit List

21.Kiss the Dead


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