Becky’s Twenty-Ninth Book Review: “Fifty Shades of Grey” “Fifty Shades Darker” and “Fifty Shades Freed” by E.L. James

I just finished reading the “Fifty Shades of Grey” series and I’m almost sad that it is over. This series was very captivating, especially considering it was written by a rookie author! I didn’t really know much about what the series was about before I started it, so it was a bit of a surprise. I read it on my kindle after reading the first few preview pages on I usually don’t test a book before buying it, I just dive right it…but the first few pages of “Fifty Shades of Grey” spiked my curiosity and once I started the series I couldn’t stop.


“Fifty Shades of Grey” is focused around two main characters, Anastasia Steel and Christian Grey. The two meet when Ana does a favor for her roommate, Kate. She had arranged an interview with Christian Grey for her school newspaper and gotten the flu. Ana, being the good friend that she is went on the interview for Kate and unknowingly changed her life. Ana literally falls into Christian’s office for the interview–demonstrating how clumsy she can be while Christian is smooth smooth smooth. There are many instances throughout the novel where these characteristics are amplified which I really enjoyed. Ana is portrayed as an average person, college student about to graduate…working a part-time job…she’s an avid reader which made me feel like I could connect to her. Then on the other hand is Christian, a young, handsom, rich, successful business man who oozes control to hide his haunted past. Another thing that E.L. James does in her novels which I enjoyed is she makes things rather realistic. I don’t want to go into too many details, but when she writes about Ana and Christian’s world it feels very real and truthful. The book is very captivating and ends in a way that made me pick up the next book immediately.

“Fifty Shades Darker” explores further into Ana and Christian’s lives. He reveals more about his past. I don’t want to say too much more because it would be giving things away. But this book was just as good, if not better than the first one and I finished it quickly.

“Fifty Shades Freed” takes a different turn where the disruptions in Ana and Christian’s lives are more external than internal. A lot of really intense stuff happens, but again, I don’t want to give anything away. E.L. James wraps up the series nicely and she doesn’t leave her audience wanting which is great. I hope to see more work from her soon.

Would I recommend this series? Most definitely! The only warning I would give is there are some ‘smutty’ parts to the books, so they would not be suitable to everyone.

Becky’s Twenty-Eighth Book Review: “Kiss the Dead: An Anita Blake Vampire Hunter novel” by Laurell K. Hamilton

There is a list of the Anita Blake Novels at the bottom of this review, if you are looking for the order that the books go in, just scroll to the bottom.


The most recent book in the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series is titled “Kiss the Dead”. I really enjoyed this book. Laurell K. Hamilton has a way of writing that just sucks in the audience. Anita Blake is one of my favorite characters to follow, there are quite a few novels. In the world that Hamilton has created there are vampires, zombies, and were-animals including werewolves, werelions, wererats, werehyenas, etc. Anita Blake is a U.S. Marshall, in a special division where she and others hunt down ‘paranormal’ threats. She started out the series as an animator (one who raises zombies) who helped out the cops on occasion. She has gone through many transitions due to her encounters with vampires and wereanimals. Anita Blake’s nickname in the vampire world became “The Executioner” because she has the highest kill count of anyone in the U.S. (of vampires). I have enjoyed all of the Anita Blake novels, she starts as such an independent woman with such strong morals and Laurell K. Hamilton puts it well “Oh, how the mighty have fallen” (that was in an introduction to one of the short stories about Anita Blake). I don’t want to give too much away as to what happens in “Kiss the Dead” but I will say that new information comes to light when it comes to Anita’s “bride” Nicky and Anita spends a lot of the novel conflicted about “Sin”, her blue tiger to call.

I highly recommend this series, it is really entertaining. There is action and lots of violence not to mention lust, lust, lust! The books can be a bit gory at times, so if you have a light stomach, it might not be for you.



If anyone is looking to read the series, it is currently up to twenty-one novels. There are several short stories too.

1.Guilty Pleasures

2.The Laughing Corpse

3.Circus of the Damned

4.The Lunatic Cafe

5.Bloody Bones

6.The Killing Dance

7.Burnt Offerings

8.Blue Moon

9.Obsidian Butterfly

10.Narcissus in Chains

11.Cerulean Sins

12.Incubus Dreams


14.Danse Macabre

15.The Harlequin

16.Blood Noir

17.Skin Trade



20.Hit List

21.Kiss the Dead

Becky’s Twenty-Seventh Book Review: “A Feast for Crows” by George R. R. Martin


It amazes me how complex and unique a world that George R.R. Martin was able to create with the Game of Thrones series. I just finished the fourth book and am using an extreme amount of willpower to not buy the next book in the series. The paperback copy will be released on August 28th and I want my books to match. I’m super cool like that. What is infuriating about waiting for the next book is what is not told to the reader until the very end of the fourth book. The fifth book is actually part two of the fourth book. Since he has so many characters telling their stories (a technique that I love and hate) he kept writing and writing until he had too much to fit into one book. So he took half the characters and told their whole stories and the other half we have to wait for the fifth book to hear about! I love to read and I have plenty of books to keep me occupied, but I hate being stuck in a series because I have to wait for it to come out. It was suggested to me to order the kindle version for now and then get the paperback when it comes out, but the problem with that is this series is so complicated that half of the time I find myself going back through the series and rereading bits to fully grasp what is happening.

The conclusion of the third book revealed a lot of information that left the audience asking many questions. Luckily, many of these questions are answered in the fourth book. I am hoping that the fifth book will answer the rest of my questions. We do see a certain character reappear in the fourth book that was killed off in the third book and it is very interesting to see how Martin creates this world of fantasy to cater to things like that. Just because a character has died does not necessarily mean the end of that character.

Again, I recommend to anyone who has not read the series to pick it up because it is an amazing read. It can be difficult to follow sometimes, but overall is worth it in the end. Martin has a true talent for creating a new world with the Game of Thrones series.

Becky’s Twenty-Sixth Book Review:”A Storm of Swords” by George R. R. Martin



George R.R. Martin continues his Game of Thrones series with “A Storm of Swords”. This is the third book in the series, the first two books being “The Game of Thrones” and “A Clash of Kings”. Reading this book continued to emerge myself into the world that Martin has created.

He continues to write in the same style, with multiple people telling the story from their perspective. This is a technique which gives his readers a unique insight into each of the characters and I have mentioned before how much I like this. There are several new characters that are introduced in this book and at the same time there are some characters that we have known from the first two books that in this one have their own chance to tell their story.

In the first two books Martin shows that he likes to shock his readers through killing off characters very suddenly. In the first book, Eddard Stark is beheaded. In the second book there are certain deaths that we are led to believe occur. In “A Storm of Swords” there are at least four deaths that are very shocking and very significant. We also learn some very interesting things in the last few chapters of this book. I don’t want to give anything away, but I will warn you…don’t read this book until you’re ready to not put it down. It is quite addictive.

Really, the whole series is addictive. Martin has a fabulous way of entertaining his audience with the right amount of drama and action. There is more in this book about “The Others” and those at the Night’s Watch. I very much so recommend this series. It can be a little difficult to follow at some points just because there are so many different characters that we have to keep track of. My brother showed me this website which has chapter summaries and can help clarify when things get a little confusing.