Becky’s Eighth Movie Review: “The Adjustment Bureau”

Just finished watching “The Adjustment Bureau” with Matt Damon and Emily Blunt.Very interesting movie. The movie is based off of a short story by Philip K. Dick (which I have not read so I cannot compare) and it is directed by George Nolfi. At 106 minutes, the movie isn’t too long and isn’t too short either.

The premise of the movie is the main character, David gets a glimpse of the future being set for him. He gets upset by this, refusing to believe that everything is left up to Fate but is forced to keep quiet about what he saw with the threat of being ‘reset’ (basically the equivalence of a lobotomy). A chance meeting with a woman, Elise changes everything that David values. All that is important is him finding the girl of his dreams. David refuses to believe that his life would be better without this Elise despite all of the warnings being given to him from “The Adjustment Bureau”.

David soon learns that part of why he and Elise are being kept apart for is so their individual dreams can come true. It becomes a choice for David between being with the woman that he loves or being alone and have not only his dreams come true but hers as well. David has to decide which is more important, individual happiness or being together on a path they were not intended to take.

Damon and Blunt do a great job in this movie, although there were some areas that I thought could have been better. The premise of the story was very entertaining and through the paths that each individual goes on we see some beautiful cinematography–especially when David and Elise are at the Statue of Liberty. The chemistry between the two actors does leave something to be desired…but it isn’t terrible (Kind of left me wondering if they just didn’t like each other very much or if one of them or both is just a bad kisser).

Would I recommend this movie? Yes, I think it is worth watching. The movie isn’t necessarily something that you would watch over and over–it’s no classic–but if you are looking to watch something entertaining and different I would suggest checking out “The Adjustment Bureau”.

I would have to give it three and a half out of five stars.


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