Becky’s Twenty-Second Book Review: “Dexter in the Dark” by Jeff Lindsay

“Dexter in the Dark” is the third book in the Dexter series. The further I get into this series, the more I notice how Jeff Lindsay’s writing is improving. I thought that the first book was very well done and there has just been steady improvement with the second and now the third. At the moment there are six books in the series, and I cannot wait to continue reading the Dexter series with the fourth book which I’m going to start very soon.

By this point it has become clear to me that the books do not tie in with the series in any sort of steady way. I like this, to be honest. Instead of trying to make the books into a TV series where everything is the same (and therefore lots of room for disappointment) the producers of the show are using the books as an inspiration. There are the same characters, and some of the same situations, but the show has gone in its own direction.

This book introduces a new twist on what Dexter refers to as his ‘dark passenger’.  The audience actually gets to hear what the dark passenger is thinking and feeling. “Dexter in the Dark” refers to the fact that when Dexter goes to a crime scene, instead of being able to turn inside and get advice from his dark passenger, he finds that it has abandoned him. Dexter is determined to find out why and if this means he has to be normal now. It is a very interesting twist. Jeff Lindsay’s ability to manipulate language makes these books so much fun to read. I love the dark humor and just the way that he shapes his sentences. As I suspected from the beginning (with the first book), Jeff Lindsay is a fan of alliterations. The way he uses them throughout the book is just like adding his signature flavor to a recipe. I love it.

Would I recommend this book? Yes, I am a big fan of the series, and while it does revolve around a serial killer I think that a lot of people would enjoy reading the books. If you are already a Dexter fan from watching the show you would enjoy them, if you haven’t seen the show but enjoy crime novels and dark humor then this series is for you.


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