Becky’s Twenty-First Book Review: “Fearless in High Heels” by Gemma Halliday


“Fearless in High Heels” by Gemma Halliday is the sixth book in the high heels mystery series. These books are all lighthearted—great for when you just need to have a relaxing read! Since I didn’t review the first five books (I didn’t have a blog at that point) I’ll do a quick review now.

The first book in the series “Spying in High Heels” introduces the main character, Maddie Springer. She is a shoe designer who soon gets caught up in a police investigation when her boyfriend is a murder suspect. Maddie feels the need to step in and help solve the case, convinced that her boyfriend is innocent. She constantly bumps into the lead detective on the case, Jack Ramirez and hilarity ensues. 

The second book “Killer in High Heels” begins with Maddie getting a call from her biological father whom she knows nothing about except that he ran off to Vegas with a woman named Lola. The call ends with a loud bang which Maddie is convinced is a gunshot. Worried for her father, she goes to Vegas–only to discover that her father didn’t run off with a woman named Lola, he ran off to become a woman named Lola. The same light humor goes into this novel and the same great characters are present, including sexy cop Jack Ramirez.

“Undercover in High Heels” is the third book in the series. At this point in her life, Maddie is working as a wardrobe assistant on a very popular soap opera. Dead bodies seem to always be turning up where Maddie is and she always feels compelled to ‘help’. In addition to trying to solve the murder, Maddie is juggling a tabloid reporter who is desperate to make his mark and the ever-present Jack Ramirez making feeble attempts at getting Maddie to stay out of his investigation.

The fourth book “Alibi in High Heels” features Maddie participating in a shoe designer’s dream–Fashion Week in Paris. Things seem to be going great for Maddie until–you guessed it–another dead body shows up. This murder appears to frame Maddie, so she is more interested than usual in solving the case. She turns to her friends for help, including the pesky reporter and her cop boyfriend, Jack Ramirez. 

“Mayhem in High Heels” is the fifth book in the series and this time Maddie is getting married to the hot cop in her life, Jack Ramirez. Things are going great with planning the wedding, until of course the wedding planner turns up dead! Maddie goes about trying to solve the case and plan a wedding all at the same time!

All five of these books follow the same formula: fun, ditsy, shoe-obsessed blond is going along in life and stumbles upon a dead body. She then feels the need to solve the murders, for one reason or another. There are funny characters that make appearances throughout the series including her mother, her best friend Dana, not to mention sexy cop Ramirez. It was a light read, and very enjoyable.

The sixth book in the series is the one I originally was writing the review on. “Fearless in High Heels” picks up on Maddie’s story with her living her married life with one on the way. Maddie affectionately refers to her unborn child as “the bump”. She is down in the dumps because she feels huge and her best friend convinces her to go to a new club rather than sit on the couch and watch the new vampire series. They get there and only a few minutes later Maddie stumbles upon a dead body. This one looks like cause of death was a vampire bite. Maddie sees that her husband is practically ignoring this fact and is convinced that he is looking in the wrong spot for the murderer. So Maddie attempts to solve the murder, along with the bump–making Jack Ramirez even more pissed off than usual. It was a quick read, like I found all of these books to be. But enjoyable.

I would recommend this series to anyone who likes to lose herself in a candy novel on occasion. The series is definitely geared more towards a female audience, but that doesn’t mean that guys would not enjoy these books either. I just don’t think that they would truly appreciate all the shoes!

After reading this book, I also went on to read the short stories that had recently been published. They were both cute, but I was kind of disappointed when they were over. Short stories always frustrate me because they end so soon. This was especially frustrating because I already knew the character and wanted to read about her adventures more. The two short stories were “Christmas in High Heels” in which Maddie is still only dating Ramirez (as opposed to being married to him) and “Sweetheart in High Heels” featuring married Maddie trying to solve murders so that she can enjoy her Valentine’s day with her husband. The short stories I wasn’t thrilled with, but again I think a lot of that had to do with the length.

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