Becky’s Twentieth Book Review: “A High Heels Haunting” by Gemma Halliday

Gemma Halliday has written the high heels mystery series which now consists of eight books. They are “Spying in High Heels”, “Killer in High Heels”, “Undercover in High Heels”, “Alibi in High Heels”, “Mayhem in High Heels”, “Fearless in High Heels”, “Christmas in High Heels”, and “Sweetheart in High Heels”. So far, I have read the first five books and I just treated myself to the next three kindle versions so I’ll be reviewing them soon enough. “A High Heels Haunting” is a novella that is a spin-off of the High Heels Mystery series. In the High Heels Mystery series the main character is a shoe designer named Maddie Springer. In this novella, the main character–Kya wears shoes designed by Maddie. It is a cute idea for a spin-off and I found it very entertaining.

Kya, our main character is reserved, anti-social, and has low self-esteem. She works in a cubicle designing websites and spends her evenings in her sweatpants with her cat keeping her company. That is until she falls in love with a pair of ‘Maddie Springer’ shoes. Kya slips her feet into the red heels and feels her confidence rise and finds herself doing things that she would normally never dream of doing. Kya goes to a club with some co-workers and falls into modeling as a result. This is where the book gets really interesting and I don’t want to give too much away.

Halliday uses a very similar formula to write this novella as was used in the other High Heel novels. Her writing style is very relaxing and I find I can instantly lose myself in her words. (I love when authors are able to do that).

I would definitely recommend this novella, especially if you wanted to get a taste for Gemma Halliday’s writing without dedicating yourself to a whole novel. This story is short and sweet and very entertaining!


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