Becky’s Second Movie Review: “Tristan & Isolde”

I have wanted to watch “Tristan & Isolde” for awhile now and finally watched it for the first time today. I gotta say, it wasn’t all that I was hoping for.

“Tristan & Isolde” is a movie about forbidden love. An Englishman played by James Franco falls in love with an Irishwoman played by Sophia Myles. The scenery was gorgeous and I thought that both Franco and Myles did a very good job. The movie begins with a fierce battle and the first thirty minutes or so are very entertaining. Then the movie slows down. Altogether the movie is 125 minutes and it felt longer.

Would I recommend it? It is hard to say. I don’t think that most guys would like the movie. There was a bit of violence, but the length of the movie is difficult to deal with. It goes too slow.

I wouldn’t recommend this movie to most people. I’d give it two out of five stars.


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