Becky’s Sixteenth Book Review: “TIME: Disasters That Shook the World”

Yesterday Adam and I stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few quick things, milk, bread, etc. When we were at the counter checking out, this caught my eye. I’m calling it a book, but it is no novel. In this 106 page collection, history’s greatest man-made catastrophes are explored and remembered.

April 14, 2012 will mark the 100th anniversary of the sinking of The Titanic. I have always been fascinated with the tragedy that was Titanic. It is a horrifying tale and there are just so many examples of negligent behavior that infuriates me. The biggest flaw is what most people know about–lifeboats, or lack there of. The Titanic was not properly equipped in several areas and not having enough lifeboats for half the people aboard the ship is the biggest negligence of all. Reading this article I found out that there were several more actions that helped make this such a tragic tale. Probably the most upsetting of all was learning that when the Titanic sent out distress signals after she hit the iceberg that the closest ship was the Californian (only ten miles ahead of Titanic) and they ignored the pleas for help. The ship that responded to Titanic was fifty-eight miles away. The Carpathia arrived a few hours after Titanic sank. The idea that there was a ship only ten miles away that just ignored a distress signal…it just leaves me flabbergasted. Because theoretically, the Californian could have reached the Titanic before she sank and many more lives could have been saved. Instead 1,517 people died.

  I strongly recommend “TIME: Disasters That Shook the World”. There are some amazing tragedies that have occurred and it is important to look upon the past and remember. Some of the events that are discussed in this book include: “The Last Flight of The Hindenburg”, “The Great Chicago Fire”, “Hurricane Katrina”, “Farewell to the Challenger”, and “Apollo 1” along with many others. Some of the horrible events that I read about I had not heard of before and it was quite an eye opener. Truly, a great read.

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