Becky’s Twelfth Book Review: “The Undomestic Goddess” by Sophie Kinsella

Sophie Kinsella is one of my favorite authors, she writes chic-lit so her books are always light and full of comedy. I’ve actually read “The Undomestic Goddess” a few times and I enjoy it every time.

The story begins with a lawyer, Samantha, who is about to find out if she is up for partnership at the firm she works at. While a meeting is going on in which Samantha’s future at the company is being discussed she decides that she should clean up her desk. Samantha has a reputation for having the messiest desk in the firm. While she is organizing papers she finds a contract that one of the senior partners left on her desk with instructions to take care of a few things. There is a note on top of the contract dated several weeks beforehand and Samantha realizes that she has made a big mistake–one that ultimately leads to the client losing 50 million pounds.

Samantha panics, rushes out of the building, heads to the train station, and hops on a train with no idea where she is headed or what she is going to do. While she is on the train Samantha has several drinks. She is feeling dizzy and decides that she needs to get off of the train. When she gets off she goes to knock on a door to find out where she is and if she could have a glass of water. This is where Samantha’s life takes a strange twist. The woman who answers the door instantly assumes that Samantha is there to apply for the job of housekeeper. She does offer Samantha some medicine for her headache, one thing leads to another and Samantha bluffs her way into the job, all the while promising herself that it is just so she has a place to crash for the night and she is going to come clean in the morning. She doesn’t.

Samantha decides to stick with this job even though she has no idea how to cook or clean and her employers believe that she is a trained “Cordon Blue” Chef. The gardener, Nathaniel tells Samantha that his mother could teach her how to cook and how to clean. So the audience watches as Samantha fumbles through a job that she has no idea how to do. She is a stubborn character and refuses to give up even when her inability to do her job is rubbed in her face.

The story is so much fun, watching Samantha making a fool of herself. I would recommend this book to almost anyone. It is a book more geared towards a female audience, but that doesn’t mean that a guy wouldn’t enjoy it as well. Sophie Kinsella’s books are great for reading when you are in a bad mood because you can’t help but laugh out loud at moments.


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