Becky’s Eleventh Book Review: “Pirate Latitudes” by Michael Crichton

I actually finished this book a little while ago but have not had a chance to do the review. Adam and I read this book together aloud. Michael Crichton is an excellent author, however “Pirate Latitudes” was not one of his better works.

I really liked the idea of a book following a pirate as the main character and since I’ve read Michael Crichton before I was expecting something a little juicer, a little more exciting. In the beginning I was hopeful, but most of the middle of the book was a struggle to read.

The best part of this book would have to be the end. That is when it got exciting. I’m glad I saw the book the whole way though, because Adam and I did discuss abandoning it. I probably would not recommend this book to most.


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