Becky’s Thirteenth Book Review: “I’ve Got Your Number” by Sophie Kinsella

I’ve mentioned before how Sophie Kinsella is one of my favorite authors, she never disappoints! Her newest work, “I’ve Got Your Number” is so much fun. Her style is slightly different in this book as throughout the book there are entertaining footnotes. I’ve never before encountered footnotes that I want to read, but I found myself looking forward to the witty comments.

“I’ve Got Your Number” starts with the main character, Poppy Wyatt losing her engagement ring. And it isn’t any engagement ring, her fiance went to the safety deposit box at the bank to retrieve the ring–a family heirloom. So when the audience first meets Poppy, she is in a total panic trying to find her ring. Then she goes outside to try to find a better signal so that she can retrieve her messages and someone steals her phone right out of her hand. At this point, Poppy is beside herself, not only does she not have her engagement ring, but now she doesn’t have anyway to be reached. A quick quote from the book:

“Now that I’ve calmed down a bit, I’m starting to churn with murderous thoughts. Does that hoody guy realize he’s wrecked my life? Does he realize how crucial a phone is? It’s the worst thing you can steal from a person. The worst.” (Kinsella, Sophie. “I’ve Got Your Number”. The Dial Press: New York, pg 15).

Now that Poppy has had her phone stolen, she is in a panic until she glances in the trash can and sees a phone. This is where the adventure begins. Poppy takes over the phone, which happens to have belonged to this guy Sam’s personal assistant. The P.A. quit with no notice, tossed the phone and it fell into Poppy’s lap. As far as Poppy is concerned, anything in the trash is fair game…something that Sam does not agree on.These two come to a funny compromise which leads to them building an entertaining friendship.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good comedy. This is another chic-lit book, but there is no reason that a guy couldn’t enjoy her writing as well. It is just such a good read.

Becky’s Twelfth Book Review: “The Undomestic Goddess” by Sophie Kinsella

Sophie Kinsella is one of my favorite authors, she writes chic-lit so her books are always light and full of comedy. I’ve actually read “The Undomestic Goddess” a few times and I enjoy it every time.

The story begins with a lawyer, Samantha, who is about to find out if she is up for partnership at the firm she works at. While a meeting is going on in which Samantha’s future at the company is being discussed she decides that she should clean up her desk. Samantha has a reputation for having the messiest desk in the firm. While she is organizing papers she finds a contract that one of the senior partners left on her desk with instructions to take care of a few things. There is a note on top of the contract dated several weeks beforehand and Samantha realizes that she has made a big mistake–one that ultimately leads to the client losing 50 million pounds.

Samantha panics, rushes out of the building, heads to the train station, and hops on a train with no idea where she is headed or what she is going to do. While she is on the train Samantha has several drinks. She is feeling dizzy and decides that she needs to get off of the train. When she gets off she goes to knock on a door to find out where she is and if she could have a glass of water. This is where Samantha’s life takes a strange twist. The woman who answers the door instantly assumes that Samantha is there to apply for the job of housekeeper. She does offer Samantha some medicine for her headache, one thing leads to another and Samantha bluffs her way into the job, all the while promising herself that it is just so she has a place to crash for the night and she is going to come clean in the morning. She doesn’t.

Samantha decides to stick with this job even though she has no idea how to cook or clean and her employers believe that she is a trained “Cordon Blue” Chef. The gardener, Nathaniel tells Samantha that his mother could teach her how to cook and how to clean. So the audience watches as Samantha fumbles through a job that she has no idea how to do. She is a stubborn character and refuses to give up even when her inability to do her job is rubbed in her face.

The story is so much fun, watching Samantha making a fool of herself. I would recommend this book to almost anyone. It is a book more geared towards a female audience, but that doesn’t mean that a guy wouldn’t enjoy it as well. Sophie Kinsella’s books are great for reading when you are in a bad mood because you can’t help but laugh out loud at moments.

Becky’s Eleventh Book Review: “Pirate Latitudes” by Michael Crichton

I actually finished this book a little while ago but have not had a chance to do the review. Adam and I read this book together aloud. Michael Crichton is an excellent author, however “Pirate Latitudes” was not one of his better works.

I really liked the idea of a book following a pirate as the main character and since I’ve read Michael Crichton before I was expecting something a little juicer, a little more exciting. In the beginning I was hopeful, but most of the middle of the book was a struggle to read.

The best part of this book would have to be the end. That is when it got exciting. I’m glad I saw the book the whole way though, because Adam and I did discuss abandoning it. I probably would not recommend this book to most.

Becky’s Tenth Book Review: “Web of Dreams” by V.C. Andrews

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read if you have not read the earlier books in this series (and are planning to)

“Web of Dreams” is the fifth and final book in the Casteel Family series by V.C. Andrews. The first three books in the series are narrated by Heaven, the fourth by her daughter Annie and then there is “Web of Dreams” which begins with Annie finding a diary filled out by Leigh, Annie’s grandmother and Heaven’s mother. So the majority of the novel is Leigh telling her story.

I felt that this novel wrapped up the series very well. It begins with Annie and Luke coming back to Farthy for a funeral. Troy, whom had a love affair with Heaven is Annie’s biological father. It was his funeral that they were attending. Annie discovers Leigh’s diary and we get to learn about everything that she went through that lead to her fleeing to the Willies where she would die giving birth to Heaven. 

A good deal of this novel is devoted to educating the readers about Leigh’s family. The more I read about Jillian, Leigh’s mother, the more I hate her. All of the tragedies that Leigh lives through one way or another can be lead back to Jillian. She is one of the most selfish characters I have ever been introduced to. The more I read about her the more I appreciated how different my life is.

The Casteel family series is the first series that I have read by V.C. Andrews. I am looking forward to reading the rest of her works. I would definitely recommend this series. It is an entertaining read with lots of twists and turns. Overall, it was quite enjoyable.