Becky’s Fourth Book Review: “Dark Angel” by V.C. Andrews

“Dark Angel” is the second book in the Casteel Family series by V.C. Andrews. The first book is “Heaven”. Now when I was reading “Heaven” there were some slow moments but I am so glad that I pushed myself through it. “Dark Angel” was so much better! I don’t know if it was partially because the audience and the author knew the characters better or if V.C. Andrews just improves as her work grows. Or I guess it could be a combination of the two.

“Dark Angel” starts with Heaven heading towards Boston and a new life there. She is meeting new family for the first time only things are not at all what she expects. There are some very interesting twists in the novel and while the main focus of the story is on Heaven, we do meet again other characters from the first book.

This is a very dramatic series. I found myself to be more emotionally attached to Heaven as she continued to tell her tale. She goes through so much. V.C. Andrews is quite talented and I see why she has so many books now. I cannot wait to continue with the next book in the series. I am actually going to go start it now.


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