Becky’s Third Book Review: “Heaven” by V.C. Andrews

I just finished reading “Heaven” by V.C. Andrews. This is the first book in the Casteel Series.

I have mixed feelings about this book. The writing is pretty good and the story line is very interesting. At the same time I had a hard time dealing with the characters. This novel revolves around a girl named Heaven and her experiences with her family. She has a lot of siblings: Tom, Fanny, Keith, and “Our Jane”. She also has a step-mother Sarah and a horrible father Luke. I don’t want to give away too much of the story so I won’t say too much more about the plot of the story.

I can see why V.C. Andrews is such a successful author. I do feel compelled to finish the series (There are four more books in the series). I am glad that there is more to the story because the end of “Heaven” was kind of abrupt.

Would I recommend this book to someone else? Yes, I probably would. Although I don’t think that this book is something that everyone would enjoy. I will most likely pass it on to my mom, but I doubt my dad would read it. Or if he did, I doubt he would really enjoy it. This is not by any means a difficult read, it is a very casual novel although some of the language that V.C. Andrews uses makes it clear that she is a very intelligent person. I am just saying that I wouldn’t classify her novel as one with a large amount of symbolism or metaphors. Everything is pretty straight-forward.

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