Additional Review for “Bite”

When I wrote my initial review of “Bite” I had just started what I thought was the last story in the book. I wasn’t so thrilled with it so I chose to do my review early based on the fact that I would probably not be finishing the story. Well, against my better judgement I did finish the fourth short story only to find that there was an additional story in this collection. Also by the same author, Angela Knight. I have to say that I’ve read some bad stories before but this is up there. The first story by her in this collection was okay, for the most part too much blood, too much graphic sex. The second story is just a joke. I have never seen vampires displayed in this manner and I am glad it only has happened to me once. The story is just awful and cannot be categorized as anything but porn with a vampire plot thrown in. I appreciate how some sex can be appropriate for a novel, but this is just so tacky. I feel like I have already invested too much time into this last story to not finish it, but I’m hoping that it will end soon. I just can’t bring myself to stop reading with only a few pages left.

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